30 October 2011

Watching a movie

Time to spare

This sunday I went to the movies. Not just like that, but with a plan. You see, I wanted to see a movie in the cinema before 12 a clock, cause then we only have to pay 5,30€ instead of the 8,10€ I'd usually would have to pay. So off I went, happily to the busstation to catch the first bus I could find. This resulted in me being about an hour too early at the cinema.

With this much time I didn't want to just sit there all the time, just waiting. A good thing that I had anticipated this. With my sketchbook in my backpacman and a curious look on my face I walked a bit around the block, looking for some fun stuff that I could draw. After passing two women discussing something in front of a café, and walking through a small street with nothing but closed shops I arrived at a small square with three benches and some trees with yellow leafs.

I dropped myself on one of the benches and started making a drawing of the medieval tower. Fun fact: There was a hotel build around the tower. The people in the dinning room had a view off the tower if they looked outside. Before I went back to the cinema I had the basic idea sketches out on paper.

The movie itself was "The adventures of Tintin, the secret of the unicorn" Being from Belgium myself I just love the idea of hollywood making a movie about a character that was made by a Belgian. Of course I hoped that they wouldn't destroy it by hollywoodifying it. But after seeing the movie I was fairly pleased. Though I guess I missed the original soundtrack a bit.

The graphics were very sweet, and althought the story in the movie is a mix of different comics it wasn't bad. There were a few moments where you could notice that the part was added by the American "we need action" idea, but all in all I left the cinema with a good feeling about the movie. I'll definatly be curious about the next Tintin movie.

Now, to continue the story of the day. After the movie I went back to the medieval tower, to draw all the details. Sadly the bench that I had used earlier was occupied. Nothing that couldn't be fixed by wasting some time with walking around a church that was just sitting there on the other side of the square. So when the bench was available again I continued.

I still find it both funny and annoying when people start looking at me drawing. The annoying part is that I feel watched and judged. Though I guess that is not so bad after all. The funny part is that they all try to be inconspicuous about it. Walking behind my back, looking over my shoulder, or just walking a bit closer to steal a glance of the drawing.

Normaly I would have spend an extra two hours on the drawing, but when I felt the first drop of rain hit my hand, I stopped drawing and decided it was time to go home. The only thing I still had to draw was the tilles on the roof, but I fixed that while I was sitting on the bus. Which isn't allways that easy when the busdriver likes to take sharp turns.

043 30102011 by ~thedailywulfy on deviantART

06 September 2011

What are dreams

Strange ideas? Lets just make one more.

Last night I had a dream with an interesting idea. There were three characters. A guy(hero), a girl(might have been his sister) and a magician. The guy and the magician were at a school-like building and somewhere in one of the halls there was an ancient worldmap. Apparently the magician came from a universe inside that map. It wasn't like the map was a small version of that magical world. More like there was a world hidden somewhere inside the material of the map.

But at one point in the dream the girl had been kidnapped by evil birds or something, taken away to be eaten alive. Terrible way to meet ones end. At the same time the guy/hero and magician escape the normal world for whatever reason and they flee to the world/universe inside the worldmap in the hall. There was some cool animation zoom/blurr/morph effect while traveling to that world.

Once in that strange world the guy had a strong big demonlike body, with devilwings on his back and a face like a monster, the chest had the shape of the bat from batman. But eventhough he looked strong and dangerous he was still trying to be herolike. They appeared on the edge of a cliff near a shore or mountain, but just as they showed up two monsters attacked.

The creatures looked like a lower level version of the hero's monster body. You could say that they were just level 20 monsters while the hero was a level 85 or higher. I'm sure its needles to say he got rid of them in a quick and effective way.

Since the area was safe after that the magician told the hero that he would swap bodies with the girl. She was still being attacked in the real world and he had to safe her from a gruesome death. He was willing to sacrifice his own life for it. So a snap second later the girl was safe in the hidden world of the map while the magician was back in the real world. (Though I think he was probably going to kick those birds asses since he can actually defend himself with some powerfull magic)

When I woke up I thought a bit about the dream and wondered what dreams were. With the magical world being inside the material of the map I figured it could be like those, "the universe is endless" type of things. If there was a galaxy inside the electrons of the atoms from that map, you could say that the magician had actually traveled through space somehow.

But I'm keeping it simple for now. I've read some funny ideas on the internet about quantum entanglement. Now I'm sure I'll have the propper idea about it all wrong, but for the funny idea about dreams I'm using the following parts of the theory.
Two electrons that are entangled will have an effect on each other, even if the distance is so big that it crosses the stars. They will, in a way, communicate information to each other (like a space telephone).

To hit the idea a bit further down crazylane I figured that these electrons could be entangled with not just two but even more locations in space. Then combine that with the idea of the multiverse in which any possible event or idea has, is or will happen.

So now you got electrons from all over the universe communicating with each other. The electrons flowing in my brain will thus receive the information from out there in the vast galaxy. So here's the fun part. If we are awake we are so distracted by all the information around us on the planet earth, but when we are asleep we are not. Thus, when we sleep we can actually receive this information from the outer galaxies of space.

Of course we will perceive them as dreams and treat them as none other. Once we wake up we lose contact with the dreambrainwave and lose the information very quickly, unless we make an effort to store it in our memory. What we wouldn't have realised then of course is that we've actually seen a part of history from out there in the galaxy. We might have been the silent witness of some great event millions of lightyears away. (though lightyears sounds too little for the distence that I'm talking about when using the multiverse theory)

The reason that I'm using the multiverse is to explain those dreams in which you dream about friends or things that you know. The explenation would simple be that there is somewhere a universe in which an alternive you is running around doing other things. Specificly the stuff from inside your dream. As your brainwave and his are entangled with each other you can receive his life experience from that moment.

Of course, the scary part of this idea are the nightmares we have. Cause it would mean that somewhere your worst nightmare is actually not imagination, but a true fact.

But yeah, that's my five cents of crazyness for today.

tldr: When you sleep you receive videomessage from the multiverses and perceive them as dreams.

17 July 2011

A day off

A free ticket, first class for one day? Sounds good to me.

The NMBS (railwayservice here in belgium) had given all its customers, who had a subscription in a certain period this year, a first class free ticket for one day any trajectory. I was lucky enough to have had a 3 month subscription in that period, so I got one of them golden tickets. Most people will probably use it for a long trip to the sea and back. But I figured, lets exploit this as best as I can.. legaly.

So I planned a small trip through Belgium. Around 5:45 in the morning I took the bus to my first train station. Londerzeel. Lovely place, and very "classic" in the way of being a station. From there I took my first train, which went to the coast. "Zeebrugge strand". The beach was alright and the temperature soothing. But the town itself had, besides some fun architecture, nothing to offer. I only noticed one shop where you could buy something.

On the beach itself I saw a few people measuring, what I imagine to be the amount of sand available. They were really into it, placing little sticks inthe sand with markers on it. They even had a cool golfcart sorta car to drive them all over the place.

A bit further there was one lost shoe half covered in sand, waiting for a new master. Though I fear it might get lost under all the sand. Before I left the beach I grabbed a small sample of sand and put it in a plastic transparent "Hello Kitty" container. My next stop was the complete opposite side of the country, about 150 kilometers in land.

Or as we like to call it "d'ardennen". Though I only went as far as "Namen/Namur" Which on itself was a nice place, lovely station and an ok town. On this journey I tried to pick up two "geocachings" on the road. One was in Namen, but I didn't find it at first and a lack of time prevented me from searching thoroughly.

After that the next train brought me to Liège-guillemins. Let me tell you, that station was the best I have ever seen in my life and might as well be the best I'll ever see. It was so futuristich, modern, smooth, light, open and just plain amazing. If I could I'd take it home with me and place it in my garden I would.

In the background of the photo you might see two big constructions. Those are monuments for victims of war, probably the world wars. I didn't really check the history. But that was the location for my second geocach I was checking out today. Luckily I was able to find this one.

But the treasure itself wasn't the biggest fun, the real awesomenes came from the location itself. Right now they've started to renovatie the monument, but most of the area is still covered in weeds, plants and general "I look post apocalyptic". Going from a hypermodern trainstation to regular city, to postapocalyptic scenery made the entire trip worth while.

After forcing myself to leave this awesome place I continued my journey. I went to Hasselt, which wasn't that spectacular for me, continued to Leuven and then to Veltem where I crashed at Lieven and Carla's place. Which was togheter with some food, entertainment, a nice drink and company a nice ending of the day.

In the end I travelled all through the country in first class, saw an amazing bunch of cool locations and had a good time, all for free thanks to that special trainticket.

PS: If I had paid for all that it would have cost me 87,60 Euros or 123,81 US dollars

13 July 2011

The cathedral

So yeah, its rather big.

The 3th of June I decided it was time to build a church in minecraft. I had found a few cool churches already on the internet from other people who had build some. Some of them being pretty amazing, others being normal and so on. But most of all they always felt too small for my taste. I wanted to find a church that was BIG. You know, the kind that makes you go, echooooo.

Besides, the smaller you build in minecraft the more abstract you have to make things. So I figured, "if you want something you gotta do it yourself". In Ms-paint I started to make a construction plan, one pixel for one block seemed ok to me. After the basic idea was put on paper I checked ingame how it would work out.
At first I had to find some mods, so that I could dig with ease and have an infinite amount of building material at my disposal. But once that was out of the way it was on to building, building, building.

The first 10 days of my quest were actually spent digging. I hadn't yet realised there was a mod that could help me dig out the entire place at the click of a mouse button. But after a hundred mega-dynamite-explosion I thought it was time to find something more efficient.

Thus the actual building proces started on the 13th of June. Which is by now 1 month ago. In that month I've spend on average 3 to 4 hours every evening. I'll probably need another month to finish it completly.

Maybe more, maybe less, depends on what time I'll have available. I do know that I've already used 64000 blocks of sandstone for the walls, 15000 noteblocks for the rooftiles and 3800 blocks of rail. I hid some rails inside the walls, to travel faster from one side to the other of the church.

For decorations I'm going with a game themed wall paper. I got a tetris one already on one floor, and I might go for a giant pacman at the center of the church. You might notice some pixelated images of games on the construction plan. But a lot of the images are to big to fit on the walls, so thats a bit sad. But i'll figure something out for that.

Right now the mid-floor is done and I'm going to begin work on the highest roof and the big tower in the middle. Including a big bell, maybe more if I have enough room. The biggest problem I have right now is height. If I take one wrong step and I fall down its death, and hopefully I didn't destroy the last spawnpoint. Though sometimes its usefull to just dropkill me and travel a big distence by just respawning at the right place.

Its little travel tricks like that which make life easy. I wonder what that would do to the world if we could travel like that in real life.

06 July 2011


I can fly, but so can you.

Its not even very hard to fly. The only thing you have to do is jump. When you jump you actually go up into the air. All the way up to that point where gravity catches up with you and pulls you down again. A jump is two parts, the first "going up" or as I like to call it "flying" and the second "going down" or "falling".

To make sure that I have a bit of science in it I present you with the definition of flying and falling. For those that are to lazy to click the link.

To drop or descend under the force of gravity, as to a lower place through loss or lack of support.
1. Making flight or passing through the air.
2. floating, fluttering, waving, hanging, or moving freely in the air.

26 June 2011


Chinese food and treasure, what a combo.

What a week, absolutly nothing spectacular happend. Well, besides some chinese diner with some friends and some geocaching treasure hunting. But besides that, a boring week.

The geocaching was rather interesting. I stopped at a trainstation on my way home to check one of them out. I had to walk about 400 meters to the end of the station to get it. But after I had found it I was lucky enough that I could just relax a bit in the warm sun, the silent trainstation and the lovely summerly smell that was floating in the air. The other ones weren't as easy to find so that was a nice challenge.

The chinese diner was fun and I had a nice time. The funny thing was when we got our soup. The waitress had the exact same number of bowls, and one of the soups was the same as the one that the kid next to us had. So she had mixed the two tables. So here I am, with a bowl of soup in front of me, and then she's snatching it away from me and puts it on the right table. Hilarious situation if you ask me, I aught to make a comic about that.

13 June 2011

sketchy sketch sketch

Just needed some practise

The sketches that I'm posting today are some of the practise sketches I made during some boredom time. I figure I ought to draw more of those things. I'm getting to mellow on the drawings, not focusing enough on realism or just plain correct anatomical stuff. I tend to lose focus on being correct and just go with a flow that some might call my "style".

05 June 2011

To the one who found my treasure chest

For future adventurers

I had a little playtime with a keyboard that I found in my box of computer material. I figured it would be fun to see what was inside the keyboard. While unscrewing the little screws I discovered there a whole bunch of them, about 17, for just one keyboard.

Inside the keyboard there wasn't that much except a thin plastic sheet with lines on it and a tiny little electrical board that controls the keyboard. I thought there would be more to it, but apparently a keyboard is "simple" stuff.

Sadly enough I couldn't press the key directly on the thin plastic thingy, so I couldn't play with it anymore. Right now the keyboard has been demoted to trash, but hey at least I discovered a little bit of keyboard insideness.

Talking about discovering, I'm planning a little adventure. Not for me, but for somebody else in the world who will be curious enough to follow the trail of crumbs that I'm going to leave behind. I'm going to put together a small treasure chest, make a map about its whereabouts and then drop some hidden clues here and there.

Inside the chest will be a letter with a link to a "hey you found the chest, awesome!"-clip. Maybe even a little bit of other treasurehood.

I hope that somebody will find the treasure chest somewhere in the future and hopefully that person will enjoy it as much as I would enjoy it if I suddenly found a treasure hunt at work. Recently I've been very curious about the building where I'm working, its big, has a lot of different rooms and hallways that connect in odd ways. It really speaks to my imagination.

Finding out what is in those rooms can be rewarding from time to time. But it would have been even more awesome if I had actually found a treasure in one of those rooms. Since I haven't been lucky enough I want to give another adventurer like myself the chance to be that lucky.

02 June 2011

Finding the right book

Books ..

Some time back I went to a store to check out the book section. I hoped to find a nice thick book that I could read. My previous treasures were two collection books. One of Arthur C. Clark and the other from Asimov Isaac. I also got a thick sandwich book of "The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy". Right now I might try "The lord of the rings", but I'm not sure if I'm all that ready for fantasy books.

What I noticed in the shop was that there were so many series, and not enough single stories. I don't mind reading if the story is good, but I do mind spending a lot of money on all those books, even if they would be awesome. I guess that is something I'll have to make peace with. How else will I ever be able to read all the stories from good ol' Pratchet's Discworld.

If anyone knows a good science fiction story in a single book, or a series collected in a single book, let me know.

In other news, the sketches that I post here today are just some practise I worked on during my spare time on the train to work. There's this free newspaper every day, and once in a while there's a nice picture to draw. Since it was apparently a happy birthday for the movie "A clockwork orange" I thought it was a good idea to draw that one.

Not as easy as you might think with a train going hobeldy hobbel on its rails.

22 May 2011

Cleaning up a bit

Woops, forgot about that.

With "that" I mean a mountain of drawings that I have lying around on my computer, but not yet ordered in the correct folder. So right now (after this blog actually) I'm going to be sweeping through them all and put them in the correct folder.

Its going to be "fun" again, deciding what is concidered "little humans" and what "humans". The original idea was that little humans would be any cartoon-like human, or chibby look-a-like. The human folder would be the realistic drawings of humans. Sadly, I always end up with stuff that is somewhere inbetween the two concepts.

The easiest part will be all the stuff that has no humans in them. Thats just one big folder of "drawings. The "comic" folder will be pretty easy as well. Just now I checked what the other folders were and I realise now that I have one folder named "3D" Its kinda funny actually cause I haven't made anything 3D in maybe three or four years. So it really isn't that up to date anymore..

In other news, the sketch is a nice building on "the meir" in Antwerp. I had some spare time and thought it would be a good idea to draw it. Lots of the buildings over there have nice statues and images on them. Probably with a lot of history behind it. I could check out the true history, but I sorta like to make up my own. Its probably a lot more exciting then the real story.

15 May 2011

My new sketchbook

Not shiny, but still cool

It's that time again, time for a new sketchbook. The previous one, with a red cover has been in use for over a year now. I didn't think it would last that long, so I'm glad its finaly full. Time to overload it with lots of drawings and ideas. By now its my tenth sketchbook and as tradition dictates I've cut out a design in the cover.

Unlike last time I've stuck with only two colors (black and white) I thought about using paint to add another color, but the design didn't give me any options for that. Not that I really mind, cause I'm very fond of the cover this time. Its definatly one of the better covers that I've had through the years. I wonder how long it will take to fill this book.

13 May 2011

Ah it finaly works

This service is unavailable at the moment.

That's what it said to me yesterday when I tried to upload something on this blog. Yeah, that definatly made me happy, you see, now it wasn't my fault that I hadn't uploaded anything. So thats good news for once. Today is Friday the 13th. Pretty nice day i'd say. I haven't really gotten into any accident, and I have to say I've seen things today that only made me happy. This was by all means not a day of bad luck, as usual.

In other news, I discovered this cool thing on firefox 4. When you copy something like a link to a webpage you can "paste and go". Its saves you the trouble of having to press enter or clicking the green arrow. This is a pretty awesome addition to a webbrowser and I like it very much, especialy how they put it in dutch "plakken en gaan". Say that in a dialect and it sounds awesome.

08 May 2011

If only I could draw with my mind

I wanted to tweak it, but then I never got to it.

If I could draw with my mind I wouldn't have any troubles with making my ideas into a reality. But allas I don't seem to have any mindpowers yet, so for the moment a computer will have to do. Eventhough it is a very usefull tool to transform the smoke in my mind into a solid object in reality, it still has a lot of malfunctions. One of them is power, if you don't have the right amount of working force, a computer is useless.

For instance, a while ago I had made a drawing on the computer, nice inklines, lovely color and I thought I was done with it. But after saving and closing it I wanted to make a few modifications. But for some reason, the program didn't like to work with the same zeal as it did the first time. Which is a bit odd, and it isn't the first time this has happend.

Its strange that I can work on a drawing for hours in one hit, but when I've saved and closed it once, it is suddenly impossible to get the same level of horsepower out of the program. I'm sure there are some logical explenations for it, but whatever it may be, the endresult is still the same. Its not easy to make modifications on a drawing onces it has been finished. Which is sad, cause the frustration that it creates is holding me back to make some drawings just that itsy little bit better.

06 May 2011

Emergency signs

Moving back to thursday

To those who follow this blog, as you may have noticed I didn't update this tuesday, "why was that" you may wonder. Simply put, it might have been lazyness, though I'd like to say I was procrastinating a bit this week. Which leads to another point, I realised that I had written on the blogpage that I update on thursdays and sundays. But lately I haven't been doing that at all. So now, to stay true to those words, I updated on thursday (or friday now that I'm looking at the clock).

Before showing the comic of this weeks wulfcomix I'd like to mention that I noticed something today. The escape sign in the store where I work has this stickfigure running towards a door. Very normal I thought, until I looked closer. The legs of the stickfigure were so wrong, if such a person would be real they'd have one normal leg, and one really crazy f*ked up leg. very odd.

01 May 2011

Sunday morning

My morning started at 0:30 in the night I belief.

And what a start it was, the three "Lord of the rings" movies all in one go. The two towers was even the extended version. So when I finaly saw the words "the end" scroll over the screen I looked at the clock and saw it was 9:45. Once again I concluded that the last movie should have ended when everybody kneeled for the Hobbits. Everything after that was just boringly put there to make sure it was correct with the books.

Storywise the second movie was a a bit boring with the Ent-meeting and all the gollem stuff. I don't know why but it didn't get my interest. On the other hand, helms deep and the other action scenes were just one big yay and hooray. I know it has been said before, but damn, those are some gay hobbits. Put a man and woman in a romantic comedy togheter like Sam and Frodo and everybody will say, "Oh they'll end up togheter at the end of the movie"

There were also a few akward moments. You see, a lot of internet memes and stuff have used scenes from these movies. So whenever one of those scenes were shown I remembered that meme the same instant. Which can sorta kill the "seriousness" of certain scenes. But good movies nonetheless. *insert sketchy page*

24 April 2011

My balpen skills

They're not as good as this guys skills!

I read about that guy in a little free newspaper on the train called "metro", it might have been somewhere else though. But it doesn't matter where I discovered these balpen drawings, the important thing is that it gave me the motivation to draw something in the same technique. Sure mine isn't as photorealistic as his, but mine is only A4 sized and has no reference whatsoever. But who cares about that anyway.

In other news: apparently spring has started again. A nice summer breese is flowing through the window and I hope it'll take a bit of this computer generated heat with him, or her. I'm not sure if the wind would be male, female or just plain genderless. But for the sake of imagination I'll go for female, cause really. Who wants to have a male wind burst through the window with an axe, a keg of beer and an "arrrrrr" while he trashes the place.

Then again, a female wind might be trouble as well. If she would slip in the room with the perfume she bathed instead of sprayed, nagging about the dirty clothes on the floor and complaining that the curtains don't match the carpet. Before you know it this female wind is transforming your room in a bubbly room of cutelsy.

So on second thought I'll go for the genderless wind that just flows inside the room carrying with it a sent of fresh mown grass, or newly blooming trees, or if I'm lucky the sent that comes up right before it is going to rain. Yeah, I can live with that one.

17 April 2011

One man party

If you have to, you just have to.

When I go to work right now I spend about 30 minutes on a train. This can be rather usefull to draw, read or sleep. But once in a while something happens in that time. Just like this week. As usual I walked on the train and took a seat. This time I did notice that almost all places were occupied except a little island of empty chairs. First I though, "yay lucky me". But then I noticed why the seats were empty.

As I sat down I noticed this guy, in the centre of the empty seat island. He was talking to himself, to the person in front of him (which was an empty chair) and during that half hour on the train he had sung, danced, commented on the good quality of Brussels and Antwerp, greeted other people who sat on the train. In general he had a little party going on in his seat. All in all it was actually rather funny to see and I couldn't help myself but make a little sketch of the situation.

12 April 2011


Why this sort of layout for my comics?

When I look at normal webcomics on the internet I see that most of them use the traditional way of stacking the frames. The biggest experiment most of the artist attempt is usually the looong drop down, when you have to scroll down more then just one webpage. This would be concidered the equivalent of scrolling through pages of a normal comic book.

Somehow I find it a bit frustrating that very few artist try out new ways of ordering their frames. Back in the day when the first artists made comics they had to make sure that the comic would fit inside a giving space in the newspaper or magazine. So the frames and layout was mostly done with that in mind. The same go's for comic books that were printed, the standard shape is a rectangle most of the time. If you want a special layout or shape of your comic book you have to be able to spend enough cash on it or else you just can't pull it off.

Most, if not all, of the comic layouts are based upon a standardised shape of a comic book that the printing factory once concidered the most practical and cheapest way to make them. I could be wrong of course, but I do belief that is a possible way of how it came to be this way.

Now, with the arrival of the internet and the freedom you experience on a webpage, you can do whatever you want. You can make the viewer scroll sideways, upside down and even diagonaly up to the left. Heck, you could even use still images with small animated backgrounds if you really wished. Of course some of those ways would be confusing for the reader, but its the freedom any person that hosts a website has. I would think that with this freedom a lot of artists would try to use this newfound liberty.

But, Sadly that is not what I see, for some reason a lot of artists still stick to the good old program of "left to right, down one row, left to right, down another row and stop when the complete layout looks like a rectangular". To me that seems like you get an entire empty house and you only use the bathroom to put your belongings. All stuffed togheter in a cramped space.

So with this comic I try to use the entire house as much as possible, in as much different ways I can think of. I don't claim to be succesfull at it and a lot of times I to get hooked to the old fashioned way. But really now, I would be stupid not to use something that has proven its succes in the past 70 or more years. But now with these modern ways of showing off comics I think we should embrace this technology and use it with the best of our abilities.

10 April 2011

Traveling through space

They better send an entire fleet or else they'll get pretty crazy.

Imagine the following situation. There's this chap on earth, an astronaut, and soon he'll be off on a big journey through space. Apparently the human race has invented a way to travel at speeds that almost reach up to the speed of light. The journey that this man will make is about 300 lightyears away. (thats the distance that light can travel in 300 julian years (which is about 300 years, give or take 75 days)).

But apparently there is a star at that place with a lovely green planet that might be interesting to look at, or to build a portal that makes traveling between the two planets faster and easier, whatever reason is good for you. But first he will have to travel to that location, and since his spacecraft won't go faster then the speed of light it will take more then 300 years. For easy calculations I'll use the number of 50 years. So it'll take him 350 years to get there. (yay for science and making human popsicles (artificial hibernation)

After the astronaut has been launched of this third rock from the sun he's off for a long trip. Of course to make sure that he doesn't feel to lonely they'll make sure he gets a nice welcoming message when he arrives at that star. But, since radiowaves travel at the same speed as the speed of light they can't just send the message right away. They'll have to wait 50 years to make sure that it arrives at the same time as the astronaut.

Knowing human behavior I'm sure they'll record a message on the day he left earth, and fifty years later they'll probably record a second message as well. So they'll probably send two messages into space towards their astronaut, who is at that time still in hibernation at a spaceship somewhere between the two stars. One message with a mother and a baby in her arms and the second message a grandmother with a fifty year old sibling who probably has kids of its own.

For the people on earth that event is probably the last they'll hear about it for the next 650 years, cause if he ever sends a message back it'll still have to travel 350 years back to earth. That's like sending a message into space in 1361 and receiving a reply today, (or 2011 to 2661). Think about that when internet is being slow again.

But the craziest thing about it is probably from the perspective of the astronaut. Cause for him those 350 years will pass in what appears to be a short daydream snooze. Sure it might be a snooze that gives him a bad headache and muscles that ache like hell, but it'll still have passed like a snap of the fingers.

So he waved goodbye from the hatch of his spacecraft, went into his hibernation capsule, a bit later it closed down and soon he'd feel sleepy. In what seemed like a few seconds he wakes up again and he might feel like something has gone wrong and the mission is aborted, but when he sees the flashing light of his radio transmitter he realises its 350 years later and everybody he waved goodbye to a few seconds ago is actually long gone.

But then he see's the two messages, the "old" old one and the "new" old one. He'll probably send a reply but he knows that whoever he sends the message to will receive it when he himself has also hit the dirt. I bet that being in such a situation must be crazy as hell, knowing that everything around you was orchestrated 350 years ago. That the guy who was your boss is now dead and that you actually have to work for your own survival without any backup from earth.

Whatever he can acomplish will have no specific meaning for earth in the near future. Everything that he does will have to be done to make sure that in 350 years or more contact can be established between the two planets, or if the astronaut is lucky they'll have invented a faster way of traveling or transmitting data. If he zooms in on our solar system he'll only see the history of 300 years ago, which would be 50 years in the future for himself in one way or the other.

Chances are that he'll never have the benefits of any work he does at that far away star, unless he freezes himself again, waiting to be unfrozen when he gets a reply. Then again, I suddenly realise that his family from 350 years ago might as well be frozen on earth and awoken at regular intervals over the centuries to keep communication logical for both parties. (now that would make one hell of a sci-fi love story, I can see the headlines already "Time, space and everlasting love"

Posting the following sketches up here seems completly out of place now that I've finished writing this blog update. ow well.

03 April 2011

Black hole vacuum cleaner

It was a tiny little bit to strong

The title and the little intro line are pretty much the entire explenation for the drawing below. At least its one of them you could give for it. Frankly it was just me trying to figure out how to draw something creepy. I'm not sure if its really creepy t all. Its drawn in my style which isn't that scary. I mean, I could draw a hideous monster and still make it look cute.

In other news, I had this crazy idea of not drawing for an entire month, which would have been the month of April of course. But since I had a few unfinished drawings left and one or two requests for which I had to be available I figured it would be smarter not to do my drawing break in April. I'll probably move the event to either next month or the month after that, not sure.

But I'm definatly doing it some month of this year, unless there is an awesome drawing oppertunity every remaining month of this year. Thought I belief it is highly unlikely to happen. But you never know, faith is always acting weird when I plan things. Talking about planning, I'm not sure if I should make plans for FACTS 2011.

Thought FACTS 2010 was very awesome and a cool experience all by itself I didn't get enough money out of it to cover all my expenses. So I'm not sure if I should try again this year. The financial stuff is holding me back, but the experience stuff is telling me to do it once more. So that's one thing I'll have to figure out sooner or later.

27 March 2011

Little chaps

They're so cuddly

These are a few of the little figures I've been drawing lately. I got another page with some of those on it and an A3 sized one that I'll try to fill up with them until they go over the side of the paper. The hardest part is trying to find new poses and characters to draw.

24 March 2011

Unfinished bussines

They were just clogging up my desktop

Have you ever had the feeling that no matter what you do to a drawing it is a lost case. Well, I've had that with three drawings that have been packed on my desktop for the past few weeks. They sat there, staring at me, asking why I wasn't finishing them. Thus today I decided to stop worrying about them and just put them in the category of "never finished it".

Luckily for me I had recorded some of the working processes of these drawings, which I'm able to show now. So this video won't be one drawing being made, but a collection of three sketches that never made it to the finish line. Though I hope that I'll be able to do something with that half-life/bioshock idea, I like it to much to just let it rot away.

20 March 2011

Made in asia 2011

Cosplayers are so much fun

Today I spend most of my time at "made in asia", its a nice convention with lotsa manga, animé, games, cosplayers gadgets poosters and other stuff. But most of all there are cosplayers. And thats the biggest fun of the convention. So many funny costums. There was a group who had themselves dressed up as characters from minecraft, including the pixelated items.

I think I saw alladin and the princes from the disney movie, some king and queen, a whole bunch of animé characters which are completly unfamiliar with me. What I did found to be hilarious was the costume of a little girl. She had a white skirt, blue skin blond hair and a smurf hat. She should have won a prize for that, so cool.

There were also a few people that I had met before at facts. It was nice to see them again. Also a classmate from years ago was there to cheer up the place. All in all it was worth spending my day over there. Even if I didn't really found anything that I wanted. Though there was a cool portal-inspired tshirt.

17 March 2011

A St Patricksday

He look, its a colored drawing.

Darn it, two thursdays without a colored drawing update. Not good for my reputation of never missing an update. Thus today I present you with a little drawing of a leprechaun, because it seems to be St Patricks days today. If you don't know what it is all about I suggest you check out the link and become informed. Further below, drawing and video.

13 March 2011


Conventions are fun

This friday was an interesting day, I spend the entire day at supacon in mechelen, which was hosted by some guys I knew from school. A very interesting event, not as big as FACTS or Mia, but that was its charm. The sad part was that the same night there was also a gaming event near my hometown. So I thought I wouldn't be able to visit that, though I wanted to. But luckily I was able to get home sooner then anticipated.

Since I had made the poster for that gaming night it was sorta important that I'd be there, for both the public relations and the mere curiosity. So now I'm also the proud owner of a printed A3 sized poster from the gaming night. I still need to hang it up somewhere. The fun part about supacon was that I spend a lot of time working on a drawing, a sort of landscape. I went a bit overboard with small details, but that's worth it.

I'm not sure if I'll be able to color it cause the lineart doesn't allow me to use the cartoonstyle, not the way that I want it. So I'll have to see what the plan is going to be. But supacon was fun with all its cosplayers and people alike walking the floor there. Next week it'll be Mia again (made in asia) and I hope it'll be as fun as last year.

06 March 2011

Vacation time

Quantity didn't win over quality.

Well, the next two weeks will be interesting. I have two weeks of vacation time ahead and I don't have any idea yet on what to fill it with. Well, that wouldn't be completely true. I have a big cleanup to do in my room and some conventions that I want to visit. But I don't think I'll be able to fill my entire schedual with just those three thingies. So yeah, whatever will I do?

I'll definatly have no excuse for not coming up with some updates for this blog. Which brings me to this thursdays update and the total lack of it. Yeah for some reason I didn't feel like rushing myself into making a drawing for the update. The last two drawings had a quality of a mere flatline so that didn't help my motivation either.

With flatline I just mean that I followed a standard drawing procedure that I've acquired over the years. It works fast and easy and gives a normal result, but its not "BAM Shawauw". It would be nice if I could make a drawing like that again soon. For now, simple sketches for this sundays update.

27 February 2011

Inspired by

using 3D software to inspire the next drawing

In the last update I posted a little video of a level I had made in the minecraft game. Now I'm sure its not hard to understand that the level of details that I could put in the game was very limited. Those big blocks don't really do the trick when it comes to desiging stuff. What it did do was inspire me to draw those things the way I imagined them.

So today I'll post a few of the sketches that I made based on the two buildings that I had made in that level. I used a 0,5 mm mechanical pencil so I went a little bit more overboard with details then usuall. Sadly the paper in my sketchbook isn't very cooperative with the mechanical pencil. Its too thin and sharp and the paper is too soft and breakable. It was a constant battle to keep the paper in one piece.

So if you trouble yourself with watching that movie from the last post you have to keep in mind that the stuff on these sketches is the kind of detail that I had in my mind when I was making that level. Sadly I have to admit that most of the times that I draw something, its like that. Amazing details and coolness in my imagination and when I look at my paper I only see the dull representation of what I saw in my mind.

24 February 2011


I wondered what it was all about

I've been seeing this minecraft pop up in webcomics, animations and regular news on the internet. So I figured it was time to see what all this was about. Went to the site and didn't bother to buy it, and just played the singleplayer beta version. Which is for free. I'm sure it gives a fine example of what it is.

Darnit. I started with at noon and ended somewhere in the evening. I guess I got a little bit carried away with it. I started to build me some tempel and then tried to make a basement for it. And before that I went with a small UFO in the sky a house and some sort of bridge. But the ufo was small, unlike this one. So here is my humble try on something.

20 February 2011

A planet

Yes, I like science fiction and aliens.

I've spend most of my time today watching a documentary about ancient aliens visiting earth. I find it awesome to get lost in that sort of imagination(or truth, who knows). Its definatly a good inspiration for stories, drawings and other things I'm sure. But its a lot of time I've spend on watching the documentaries. Three hours today and if I hadn't stopped myself for updating this blog I'd probably be going until late in the night.

About the sketch below I can only say that it started as a quick scribble and then I spend an crazy time on the city at the bottom left. Definatly the craziest time I've spend on drawing a city, especialy because it had to flow around the ground, so the perspective altered with each block of houses. Crazy but fun stuff to draw. I wonder what a city like that would be like.

17 February 2011

Its a baby drawing

I wonder if babies come with a warranty?

So I've been working on some stuff lately, February seems to be a busy month when it comes to drawing stuff. One of them is a drawing for a birthday card or is it birth card? Anyway, a little baby on the inside of the card. There was also a little comic on the outside of the card which explained the story of the mother and father. How they met and other stuff.

13 February 2011

Looking back again

Though not as succesfull as I had hoped.

While I was cleaning one of my corners in the room I had to move a few of my folders filled with drawings from the past. The problem however was that I opened one of them, which meant I was lost in looking through all of them. I can't help it, I just love to browse through my older drawings and see what I made back then.

My first idea was to post one of the older drawings for todays update, but in a way it felt like cheating cause I still had enough time to make a sketch today. So I went for the good old comparison drawing. Picking an old one and making a newer version of it. There were a lot of candidates but I went for an old 2003 drawing with a character that was influenced by megatokyos (girl with big crazy gun) style.

In my opinion the face has improved, and I love the new gun I drew, but the body of the 2011 character just doesn't have the shwoong that it needs. The 2003 one has more shwoong but the weapon is not as cool as the 2011 one. And it definatly doesn't have the same shwoong as the megatokyo version. So in retrospect I'm thinking I should have drawn the character a bit more cartoony and maybe I should have added a bit more to the outfit as well. But it was still nice to make a new big crazy weapon with lotsa tools and gadgets on it.

10 February 2011

Lilo and stitch

Cause its such a good movie!

And now I'm in firefox cause that darn internet explorer fails to work when I try to embed this video and drawing. Yes it irks me a lot. So this weeks update = lilo and stitch, why? Because I was able to buy the DVD for a good price in a videostore that was cleaning up their stock. So needles to say that I saw the movie the minute I got home. Which resulted in a drawing that is very inspired by the movie.

06 February 2011

Good king

The faith in his youngest son was as strong as his oldest son's loyalty.

There isn't much more to say about the sketch. Except that I added a few more pencil lines in photoshop, since the top left was actually white. So I copied a bit in place of the white emptyness. If I didn't do that the picture would lose some of its power. In other unrelated news, the pens of my pentablets are getting old, I'm constantly losing the buttons on them since they fall out when I bump the pens against something.

03 February 2011

A fresh plan

Expect some crazy storylines in the future

So last time I updated this blog I was pondering what to do with it. A lot of ideas had crossed my mind and one of them was making a comic frame each day and hoping to make a comic after one year... sorta. The other idea was making some poetry every week and that was an idea that might have worked if I tried. But I like making comics just a bit more then poems.

By combining these two ideas I got the following solution. I'll just make my random little comics every week. I'll be able to bring forth an idea as in a poem, and show it in a comic. This won't stress me out for providing something every day. I kid you not when I say its sometimes hilariously hard to get online every day and post something.

This time I've recorded the making proces to show you people how I'll be making these little comics. Most of them will just start with a sketch that I draw a frame around and then I'll continue from there making up the story as I go. Which is exactly how it happened this time. Luckily I was able to make something decent today. I really like the detached frame.

So in the future I hope to be able to make three updates a week. I'll have to check which days work the best, but I'm hoping for a tuesday, thursday, sunday update. Where thursdays will have the colored drawing with making off movie, sundays a random sketch and tuesdays the little quick comics. Note to self: "why am I making this blog harder for myself?"

01 February 2011

One year in the making

Post number 110! uh what?

Today is February the first, it is now exactly one year ago that I started this blog, most of the updates were two times a week, with 52 weeks that should make 104 updates. So what are those six extra updates you might wonder. Well they are the very first updates, before I got into the idea of updating twice a week. You see, when I started this blog I had no idea or structure for it, I was just going with the flow.

Now we are one year later and I'm wondering, what does this mean to me. Having a blog all that time changes a lot in my life. Sometimes forcing myself to draw a painting for an update at the last minute, sometimes having too much sketches for just one blogpost and having to keep them for next week. More then once I've been drawing throught the night just to make something for this blog.

But what to do now? Should I continue the way I'm working or should I find a different concept? Updating three times a week or only one time? I could add poetry to my list of updates. Imagine that one colored drawing on thursday, a sketch on sunday, and a poem on tuesday. Its definatly within my reach, but I'm not sure if the quality of weekly poems would be that good.
Another idea was the making of a sort of webcomic. Making one frame every day and posting it. I'd only have to make sure that the frames would have something to do with the previous one. That way a story would unfold over the period of one year. But since I havn't planned anything in advance it would probably be as crazy as "alice in wonderland". Updating every day though seems a bit more of a challenge.

As a celebration for the birthday of Weekly procrastinations I'm going to update this post with some art and a clip of how I made that drawing. I hope that the following year will bring some other interesting things along.

30 January 2011


Forgive us, oh Lord of the computer!

So what would happen if there was an apocalyps and the world tumbled down to the medieval ages again. I'm sure there are many possibilities but for this sketch I'd like to go with the following one. Mayor brakedown of civilisations and only a few things remain of the previous world. The computer is one of them, only one problem they don't work without electricity.

So in a dark world fueled by fire and warm blankets they find these heaps of abandoned computers. Mountains of them and they all look very similar. The books of ancient times write about how these "computers" were very important in that time and that they controled a lot if not all of the humans activities.

But on that faithfull day the computers failed to function again and the world was without control anymore. Panic came on the streets and the economy crumbled under the loss of control. Nobody knows why the computers stopped serving the human race but a few of the hardcore believers think that it got mad with us. The lord of A.I. wasn't pleased with our ways and decided we had to be punished. And so he did.

Now in these dark ages it is up to the new generation to praise the computer and its lord in the hope that one day it will grant us his favor again and help us rebuild the civilisation that we once had. But until that day we have to serve and praise him as best as we can, so every week there is a ceremony around a computer, praising its existence and asking it for forgivenes.

Aheum, so yeah, basicly its just a computer cult.

27 January 2011

Its a sound effect

Using a song might be better for your ears.

As it was ultimatly late today with the update I didn't think I'd find a song quickly, eventhough it wouldn't have to be very long. Instead I thought it would be a fun idea to give some comments myself during the movie of this thursdays update. Not sure if I'm doing a good thing by that, cause the quality of the recording is very bad, this highpitch sound is constantly buggin it.

It may seem like I was just talking without any preperation, but it actually took me five or more times to record a version that wasn't to bad. Some of the first were just filled with "euhms", and silences. But after a few times you get to find out what you want to say and make it sound like a fluent piece of text.

The drawing itself is just a sketch that I've made on the bus that I liked enough to color on the computer. I went very easy on the style and technique cause, as mentioned before, I didn't have that much time anymore. I'm getting a bit slacky on this blog, but hopefully it'll fix itself in the future.

23 January 2011

Check on youtube

Cause I can't quick-check it on DVD or in the cinema.

Whenever I see a movie and there are some funny or good scenes in it I usually check on youtube if I can find them again. Its a lot faster then using a DVD and skiming through the different scenes until I find it. Besides, if I use the DVD I mostly end up watching the entire movie again. So thank you people who put those good scenes on youtube, you save me a lot of time.

So a movie I saw recently is Tangled and I have to say the characters are both hilarious and very well done. The "acting" is amazing and I hope the team who did those characters can work on a lot more movies in the future. For once I had the feeling that they showed real emotion and not staged emotions. Of course the scene with the thugs is funny.

Slow side-fact, they apparently used a lot of scenes in the trailer that weren't used in the final movie. Frankly I like this a lot, that way they can show us what to expect and still bring us something new when the movie is finaly there. They should do that more often. But anyways, I tried some sketching on the main characters and got this as result. Could be worse.

20 January 2011

I need a new computer

Cause seriously, how else am I going to play Bioshock Infinite

Which seems to be another game in the bioshock serie and damn does it look sweet. A flying steampunkish city with the gameplay of bioshock. If it were any cooler even God would praise this game. Of course my opinion might be biased cause I love steampunk and I love the Bioshock/System shock gameplay, but it still looks awesome in the trailer.

The weird part is that I've only discovered this today, probably has to do with me not being very focused on games in the past few months. This week I've been playing some unreal tournament 2003 again online. I know its an old game but my computer is about six years old, which could be concidered antique for a gaming computer.

But its still a good computer for drawing and playing the older games, and yes I know, apparently I haven't finished any drawing today. For some reason the title of this blog seems appropriate this time. Its odd though, I have a drawing in the making but I just can't seem to finish it up, and yet I'm very motivated to see it finished.

Maybe the anticipation is making my work go slower. Cause I'm constantly thinking its not going to be as good as I imagine its going to be and therefor I get a bit disapointed. But I supose I'll just have to be happy with a less then perfect drawing, even though I wish I could make it freaking awesome.

16 January 2011

Less is more

Or so they say.

If you are familiar with the hundred words to draw list then you might also know that its hard to keep working on it. For me its a disaster, back in 2007 I found a list like that and wrote down the words in the hope I could make a drawing for each of the words in a short time. But I wanted to keep them togheter so I found myself a book with exactly a hundred pages, to fill each page with one drawing.

Right now its 2011 and I've only finished about 10 or less words so I might have to admit a small defeat for this one. But there is still a bit of hope lingering around the pages. I was able to make a drawing for two of the words this week. Number 41 "abandoned" and number 93 "iron" I'm still working on the last details for nr 93, so for now I'll post nr 41 here.

You may notice its in black and white, which is normal. For some odd reason I wanted to draw nothing but black and white drawings in that little book, the only other thing I could do was adding a bit of shadow with a pencil, but the rest of the lines had to be in black ink. I think it was supposed to help me complete the list a bit faster then normal. With a four year delay I might say the original idea behind it failed, but I still like the concept of having a book completly black and white.

13 January 2011

So much in one drawing

I have more text then drawing!

Where to begin? I drew this little musician because I had to draw a quick thingy for todays update. I have another drawing in my "still working on it" folder but I'm just not getting it finished for some reason. So I made this little sucker, which didn't need a lot of thinking or hard work. I followed a standard procedure for it: "sketch, ink, double ink, flat color, quick shade, overlay gradient and finishing filter"

But then I get to the proces behind the scene. Like the teapot for example, I only noticed its peculiar shape after I had completed the lines and recorded that piece of the clip. So there was very little I could do about that part. At one moment in the clip you might notice that the character suddenly gets filled with all the necesary colors. That is me forgetting to click the "record" button. Which I only noticed of course after all the colors were done.

This time I thought it would be funny to show the entire proces, from scanning to save file. I like how the scanning seems to go so fast in the clip, but in reality its always such a long time. The game that pops up for a second is a demo that I accidentaly activated. I have a pop-up menu on the left of my screen, so when I get to close to the border it pops open. Which has the nasty effect of me clicking on an icon in that menu when I actually want to click on a button in photoshop.

And finaly but not least, Richard Wagner with Ride of the Valkyries as the song for the clip. No reason whatsoever, except for the fact that I couldn't find a song that I liked for this perticular drawing. But I supose a bit of exageration can't be to bad with a character like that. Anyways, enjoy this filler art for this update, cause really, that's what it is.

Music clown by ~wulfnstein on deviantART

09 January 2011


Should there be a frame of him jumping of the ship?

Exceptionally the shop was open today, on a sunday. So I took a bus and went to work like a regular day. On the bus I tried to draw a bit but I couldn't figure anything out, and the bus was shaking a bit to much. After I had put my sketchbook away again I figured I'd just be sitting on the bus for the rest of the trip.

Seems I was wrong, for some reason I started to imagine this pirate chap on a pirate ship, trying to jump overboard. It only took a few more seconds after I had the entire story in my mind to figure out I had to put it on paper. To my suprice it didn't bother me that the bus was still shakig around and the sketches went on pretty well for a busride drawing.

06 January 2011

When dinosaurs ruled the earth

Twas not so long ago that reptiles ruled over mother earth.

Why not go a little crazy when you're making up stories. What about dinosaurs actually building a civilisation like our own and also making it to the moon. As explained on the deviantart page it only took us humans 200 000 to reach modern civilisation and to go for the moon. Which isn't that much time concidering the earth is probably around 500 millions years old or more.

Since Dinosaurs ruled the earth for 165 millions years and it only took us 1/5 of a million years, they had 825 chances to get on the moon. Thats a lot of chances. You could say: "but we haven't found any signs of civilisations of that time", to which I'll just reply: "meh, earthquakes, shifting of the earth plates, meteorstrikes and just plain wackyness removed all the signs.

But all sillines aside, there is one true thing about the drawing below. If an object was placed on the moon millions of years ago it might still be here today. There is no erosion on the moon and the only danger would come from meteors. Sillines back again, if the human race would die (global warming, nucliar war, 2012, whatever) there might be another race popping up in a few million years that might reach the moon.

It would be so freaking awesome to see their reaction to our moon lander. Of course it might be possible that we humans have found such a plate on the moon back in '69 but decided not to tell the public. I guess it would create quite an uproar, it would imply that there was another intelligent race on earth before us.

Which could mean that either God doesn't exist or that we are not as chosen as we might have thought to be. It would also show us that they were fragile creatures and that time erases everything from the books of history in the long run. That could create a wave of "why bother" onto the worlds pessimistic people. It would be good for sales of the history books of course cause they'd would have to be rewritten all over again , and so on and so on.

>shuting down rambling mode:
>activating show stuff mode:

02 January 2011

First post this year

First new years resolution, "To get involved."

Right now its 2011, the new year has started and for a moment I was wondering if I should stop this blog and start something completly different. Of course I decided to continue, or else I wouldn't be typing this text right now. I'll see to it that I keep this going until February 1, which happens to be the day I first started this blog. Then I'll see if it needs to go phoenix or not.

For now I'll post the latest page of sketches from my sketchbook. Some odd spheres and creatures togheter with a hint of sketchy figures.