27 June 2010


Apparently one can squeeze in a drink with collegues if necesary.

This Friday after work I went to Lieven, and thanks to Tim's driving we got there in no time. Fun as it was, there wasn't as much place for rest. Saturday after work I went to a birthday party of Ellen. But before that I just found the oppertunity to squeeze in a bit of time for my collegues. They went for a drink after work and frankly it was fun to join them.

The birthday party was interesting enough and lasted long enough to make us see the early bird. Which gave me once again very little time for any sleep (insert no time at all). It was a good thing that I had already made a little sketch for this sundays update. Or else there might have been some real trouble for this update.

And oh look, its the way-to-big-a-pants-with-wacko-gun dude. He's fun.

24 June 2010

Making portraits

One portrait for you and one portrait for me.

A few days or maybe already a week or more ago I hit tenthousand pageviews on Deviantart. To celebrate that event I organized a little contest. The first person who would take a screenshot of the 10000 would get the prize. Which was me drawing a portrait of the winner.

Two people had send me a screenshot of it. Seeing how little response there was, I got a bit disapointed. So I decided that the two people, who had actually made an effort to participate, deserved a prize. So now there are two winners. The first one was Salioness, who got a colored version. Which you can see below. the other one, Karelliann, is still in the category of "work in progress".

20 June 2010

Reading books

I seem to have become a fan of Arthur C. Clarke

How did that come to happen. Very simply, I bought a book where they had collected all the short stories that he had written. Up till now I haven't found a single story that I didn't like. Every time I get the feeling I just read something awesome. Being it a cool idea, an awesome event or just a great concept, it always plays with the imagination. Especialy if I keep in mind the year that he wrote the stories.

The next sketch is based on "The wall of darkness" If you don't know it, look it up somehow and read it. The idea behind it is pretty awesome concidering that is was written 1949.

The next bunch is just a collection of little sketches. You might detect a bit of Dr. Seuss.

17 June 2010

Late night drawing

Sometimes a title just explains it all

Its a bit far in the night right now but luckily I got a drawing finished for today. Call me odd, but everytime I do the update for thursday I make it in the very first hours of the day. I'll even wait until the clock clicks past the 24:00 of wednesday before I actually update the blog. Just so I can say the blog has been updated as soon as possible on the thursday.

Today's drawing was born with a few odd lines that appeard to make a stick with a sphere on. After that, I made the stick a weapon of somebody. But soon the body was finished and I drew the masked head. I didn't feel like drawing a face. And once I apparently had drawn a voodoo man it seemed he needed something good on top of his staff. It turned out to be a dead fish.

13 June 2010

Early in the morning

I'm not used to sleeping on the roadside of a house.

Yes, this weekend I got to sleep in a room that was at the side of the road, not the side of the garden. So when I woke up that morning, one off the first thing I noticed were the cars that drove by. Another thing was a very peculiar sound. At first I didn't know what it was. But after clearing my head of the sleepy fog, I recognised it as the sound of birds.

I might have to include the fact that I had woken up at 12 a clock the day before. So with a lack of tiredness and cars next to me I decided it was time to wake up. It was 6:25. (I'm not familiar with the a.m. or p.m. so I wont bother with it) Suffice it to say it was early by my standards.

So once I was awake I tried to find some entertainment. Watching cars drive by can only keep you entertained for so long. The granny who walked from one side of the road to the other also didn't spark my enthousiasm.

The giant tractor with its rumbling cargo did get my attention. Though its hard to ignore something that roars next to the house like it's trying to recreate an earthquake. So when all else failed I resigned to my sketchbook. Its a good thing that drawing takes time. Cause once I started sketching, time flew by a just little bit faster.

The results is a random character with some random clothes and a spoofy weapon. The clothes are based on what I have seen this week at work and the weapon is just.. spoofy. Maybe wicked and wacky might be a better word for the weapon. But "spoofy" seems more like a word that fits the describtion off the weapon.

Once I had finished the static pose drawing I figured it might be a bit better to draw an action scene. Preferably with the same character. So on the other page I stared off with an s-curve which I transformed into the motion of the figure. The only change was with the weapon.

Copying the characters clothes and stuff was easier then making a duplicate of the weapon she was carying. So creating a new weapon was the easiest way out. Yes, you could say I was lazy, but hey what else am I suposed to be doing on a lazy morning. And besides, the new weapon actually shoots stars!

10 June 2010

Visiting Prague

Somewhere there is a statue in Prague, reaching out to the sky.

A few years ago I went to Prague. Some schooltrip. On one of the days we had two options. It was either going to some fortress/army camp or going shopping. Me and three other people went to visit the castle. The rest of the school (about 30 or more other kids) went shopping.

During the visit I saw some interesting buildings and the guide/teacher had some good backstories about the stuff we saw. Somewhere in or by the camp there was also a cemetery. And since the photo that I drew was right beside the photos from that cemetery I'm guessing it was a statue from some grave over there. But frankly, I could be wrong.

Reaching out in Prague by ~wulfnstein on deviantART

06 June 2010

Lazy and distracted

All reading comics and no drawing makes Stijn a dull boy.

Yes, today I have spend most of my time reading this webcomic. It starts as a normal comic. Over time however it just keeps on getting better. More details, more stuff happening at the same time, interesting ways of showing actions and experiences. Overall a good webcomic. So I definatly recommend it to you. A little WARNING though, its very bloody!

In other news this is the sketch of today.

03 June 2010

Capturing gold

In Zero Gravity, liquid gold is in the form of a sphere.

For this Thursday update I was checking out some previous drawings I had on my computer. I figured I could redraw an older drawing that I had made. It would save me some troubles, for instance: less troubles with finding a propper subject. After trying to fix the old pose in the new one I realised it couldn't possibley work.

So I changed ideas and just used the armor from the old drawing as inspiration for the new one. The character however is still the same. Some redhead space traveling soldier.

So now I have a drawing that is anatomicaly very flawed. The twist off the body is very akward. Mostly since I have NO reference material whatsoever. I was just guessing really. Guessing how the body would turn like that. Sure, I could check my own body, but that's a bit hard to do. I might need a mirror. Or just some good old fashioned victim who can pose for me.

But anyway, here's the older drawing that I used for the armor. Though I guess not much is left of the original.