13 January 2011

So much in one drawing

I have more text then drawing!

Where to begin? I drew this little musician because I had to draw a quick thingy for todays update. I have another drawing in my "still working on it" folder but I'm just not getting it finished for some reason. So I made this little sucker, which didn't need a lot of thinking or hard work. I followed a standard procedure for it: "sketch, ink, double ink, flat color, quick shade, overlay gradient and finishing filter"

But then I get to the proces behind the scene. Like the teapot for example, I only noticed its peculiar shape after I had completed the lines and recorded that piece of the clip. So there was very little I could do about that part. At one moment in the clip you might notice that the character suddenly gets filled with all the necesary colors. That is me forgetting to click the "record" button. Which I only noticed of course after all the colors were done.

This time I thought it would be funny to show the entire proces, from scanning to save file. I like how the scanning seems to go so fast in the clip, but in reality its always such a long time. The game that pops up for a second is a demo that I accidentaly activated. I have a pop-up menu on the left of my screen, so when I get to close to the border it pops open. Which has the nasty effect of me clicking on an icon in that menu when I actually want to click on a button in photoshop.

And finaly but not least, Richard Wagner with Ride of the Valkyries as the song for the clip. No reason whatsoever, except for the fact that I couldn't find a song that I liked for this perticular drawing. But I supose a bit of exageration can't be to bad with a character like that. Anyways, enjoy this filler art for this update, cause really, that's what it is.

Music clown by ~wulfnstein on deviantART

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