20 February 2011

A planet

Yes, I like science fiction and aliens.

I've spend most of my time today watching a documentary about ancient aliens visiting earth. I find it awesome to get lost in that sort of imagination(or truth, who knows). Its definatly a good inspiration for stories, drawings and other things I'm sure. But its a lot of time I've spend on watching the documentaries. Three hours today and if I hadn't stopped myself for updating this blog I'd probably be going until late in the night.

About the sketch below I can only say that it started as a quick scribble and then I spend an crazy time on the city at the bottom left. Definatly the craziest time I've spend on drawing a city, especialy because it had to flow around the ground, so the perspective altered with each block of houses. Crazy but fun stuff to draw. I wonder what a city like that would be like.

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