03 February 2011

A fresh plan

Expect some crazy storylines in the future

So last time I updated this blog I was pondering what to do with it. A lot of ideas had crossed my mind and one of them was making a comic frame each day and hoping to make a comic after one year... sorta. The other idea was making some poetry every week and that was an idea that might have worked if I tried. But I like making comics just a bit more then poems.

By combining these two ideas I got the following solution. I'll just make my random little comics every week. I'll be able to bring forth an idea as in a poem, and show it in a comic. This won't stress me out for providing something every day. I kid you not when I say its sometimes hilariously hard to get online every day and post something.

This time I've recorded the making proces to show you people how I'll be making these little comics. Most of them will just start with a sketch that I draw a frame around and then I'll continue from there making up the story as I go. Which is exactly how it happened this time. Luckily I was able to make something decent today. I really like the detached frame.

So in the future I hope to be able to make three updates a week. I'll have to check which days work the best, but I'm hoping for a tuesday, thursday, sunday update. Where thursdays will have the colored drawing with making off movie, sundays a random sketch and tuesdays the little quick comics. Note to self: "why am I making this blog harder for myself?"

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