06 May 2011

Emergency signs

Moving back to thursday

To those who follow this blog, as you may have noticed I didn't update this tuesday, "why was that" you may wonder. Simply put, it might have been lazyness, though I'd like to say I was procrastinating a bit this week. Which leads to another point, I realised that I had written on the blogpage that I update on thursdays and sundays. But lately I haven't been doing that at all. So now, to stay true to those words, I updated on thursday (or friday now that I'm looking at the clock).

Before showing the comic of this weeks wulfcomix I'd like to mention that I noticed something today. The escape sign in the store where I work has this stickfigure running towards a door. Very normal I thought, until I looked closer. The legs of the stickfigure were so wrong, if such a person would be real they'd have one normal leg, and one really crazy f*ked up leg. very odd.

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