18 September 2012

Zodiac stuff

I'm an Aquisces!

For those of you that don't know this, the Zodiac in magazines can be quite annoying when it comes to the date. Its something I have noticed through my 27 years of experience on this planet. My birthday is February 19. This is by wikipedian standards the last day of the Aquarius sign. In some magazines however I noticed that my birthday was in fact the first day of Pisces!

Now you should also know there is this thing called "Cusp" which is a name they have given to the people who are born on the borderlines of the zodiac signs. For my cusp moment you have the period of February 16 to February 26. If I am to belief wikipedia I would be called a Pisarius. Now don't get me wrong, its nice that they gave us a name but really, PISarius?

Luckily for me I didn't know about the existence of these cusps before I created the list below, hell I only discovered about those cusp names because I was doing research for this blogpost. Yes I can be daft sometimes. Belief me or not but when I started making the names like "Aquisces" or "Gemancer" I felt like shakespear, a noobish one at that, but still, I was happy about the names I had created.

All completly original names...

  1. Aries -> Taurus = Arus 
  2. Taurus -> Gemini = Taumini
  3. Gemini ->  Cancer = Gemancer
  4. Cancer -> Leo = Caleo
  5. Leo -> Virgo = Lergo
  6. Virgo -> Libra = Vira
  7. Libra -> Scorpio = Librio
  8. Scorpio -> Sagittarius = Scorius
  9. Sagittarius -> Capricorn = Sagicorn
  10. Capricorn -> Aquarius = Caprius
  11. Aquarius -> Pisces = Aquisces
  12. Pisces -> Aries = Piries
With Virgo and Libra I had come to the same conclusion as the original name for it "Vibra", but if you are old enough you may know why I didn't want to use it like that. Vira sounds more feminine and independed. Lergo is exactly the same as the original cusp name, just like Arus. Gemini and Cancer is called a Gemincer by cusp standards, so I only had one letter different on that one.

The mayor trend hower is this. I worked from left to right, but most of the cusp signs work from right to left. I used the first part of the first sign, and the second part of the second sign.  They however used it visa versa, the second part of the first sign, and the first part of the second sign.

(Sagittarius, Capricorn)=Sagicorn
(Sagittarius, Capricorn)=Caprittarius

I'm not really sure why its like that, their technique isn't chronological or in the right reading direction. Unless of course it was made by somebody who read from right to left. I guess they just wanted to be creative.
In the end however I like Aquisces way better then Pisarius, first of all because Aquisces sounds more sophiticated, like the word "eloquent". Secondly, because it doesn't start with pis.