01 May 2011

Sunday morning

My morning started at 0:30 in the night I belief.

And what a start it was, the three "Lord of the rings" movies all in one go. The two towers was even the extended version. So when I finaly saw the words "the end" scroll over the screen I looked at the clock and saw it was 9:45. Once again I concluded that the last movie should have ended when everybody kneeled for the Hobbits. Everything after that was just boringly put there to make sure it was correct with the books.

Storywise the second movie was a a bit boring with the Ent-meeting and all the gollem stuff. I don't know why but it didn't get my interest. On the other hand, helms deep and the other action scenes were just one big yay and hooray. I know it has been said before, but damn, those are some gay hobbits. Put a man and woman in a romantic comedy togheter like Sam and Frodo and everybody will say, "Oh they'll end up togheter at the end of the movie"

There were also a few akward moments. You see, a lot of internet memes and stuff have used scenes from these movies. So whenever one of those scenes were shown I remembered that meme the same instant. Which can sorta kill the "seriousness" of certain scenes. But good movies nonetheless. *insert sketchy page*

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