23 January 2011

Check on youtube

Cause I can't quick-check it on DVD or in the cinema.

Whenever I see a movie and there are some funny or good scenes in it I usually check on youtube if I can find them again. Its a lot faster then using a DVD and skiming through the different scenes until I find it. Besides, if I use the DVD I mostly end up watching the entire movie again. So thank you people who put those good scenes on youtube, you save me a lot of time.

So a movie I saw recently is Tangled and I have to say the characters are both hilarious and very well done. The "acting" is amazing and I hope the team who did those characters can work on a lot more movies in the future. For once I had the feeling that they showed real emotion and not staged emotions. Of course the scene with the thugs is funny.

Slow side-fact, they apparently used a lot of scenes in the trailer that weren't used in the final movie. Frankly I like this a lot, that way they can show us what to expect and still bring us something new when the movie is finaly there. They should do that more often. But anyways, I tried some sketching on the main characters and got this as result. Could be worse.

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