27 February 2011

Inspired by

using 3D software to inspire the next drawing

In the last update I posted a little video of a level I had made in the minecraft game. Now I'm sure its not hard to understand that the level of details that I could put in the game was very limited. Those big blocks don't really do the trick when it comes to desiging stuff. What it did do was inspire me to draw those things the way I imagined them.

So today I'll post a few of the sketches that I made based on the two buildings that I had made in that level. I used a 0,5 mm mechanical pencil so I went a little bit more overboard with details then usuall. Sadly the paper in my sketchbook isn't very cooperative with the mechanical pencil. Its too thin and sharp and the paper is too soft and breakable. It was a constant battle to keep the paper in one piece.

So if you trouble yourself with watching that movie from the last post you have to keep in mind that the stuff on these sketches is the kind of detail that I had in my mind when I was making that level. Sadly I have to admit that most of the times that I draw something, its like that. Amazing details and coolness in my imagination and when I look at my paper I only see the dull representation of what I saw in my mind.

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