26 June 2011


Chinese food and treasure, what a combo.

What a week, absolutly nothing spectacular happend. Well, besides some chinese diner with some friends and some geocaching treasure hunting. But besides that, a boring week.

The geocaching was rather interesting. I stopped at a trainstation on my way home to check one of them out. I had to walk about 400 meters to the end of the station to get it. But after I had found it I was lucky enough that I could just relax a bit in the warm sun, the silent trainstation and the lovely summerly smell that was floating in the air. The other ones weren't as easy to find so that was a nice challenge.

The chinese diner was fun and I had a nice time. The funny thing was when we got our soup. The waitress had the exact same number of bowls, and one of the soups was the same as the one that the kid next to us had. So she had mixed the two tables. So here I am, with a bowl of soup in front of me, and then she's snatching it away from me and puts it on the right table. Hilarious situation if you ask me, I aught to make a comic about that.


  1. Enjoying with friends itself is a great adventure I would say. Even from last 7 months I haven't gone for any adventure. I would say you are pretty lucky to enjoy such adventure.

  2. I agree with you and i am also same think in every weekend i enjoying with my friends its only my great adventures.

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