13 May 2011

Ah it finaly works

This service is unavailable at the moment.

That's what it said to me yesterday when I tried to upload something on this blog. Yeah, that definatly made me happy, you see, now it wasn't my fault that I hadn't uploaded anything. So thats good news for once. Today is Friday the 13th. Pretty nice day i'd say. I haven't really gotten into any accident, and I have to say I've seen things today that only made me happy. This was by all means not a day of bad luck, as usual.

In other news, I discovered this cool thing on firefox 4. When you copy something like a link to a webpage you can "paste and go". Its saves you the trouble of having to press enter or clicking the green arrow. This is a pretty awesome addition to a webbrowser and I like it very much, especialy how they put it in dutch "plakken en gaan". Say that in a dialect and it sounds awesome.

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