30 January 2011


Forgive us, oh Lord of the computer!

So what would happen if there was an apocalyps and the world tumbled down to the medieval ages again. I'm sure there are many possibilities but for this sketch I'd like to go with the following one. Mayor brakedown of civilisations and only a few things remain of the previous world. The computer is one of them, only one problem they don't work without electricity.

So in a dark world fueled by fire and warm blankets they find these heaps of abandoned computers. Mountains of them and they all look very similar. The books of ancient times write about how these "computers" were very important in that time and that they controled a lot if not all of the humans activities.

But on that faithfull day the computers failed to function again and the world was without control anymore. Panic came on the streets and the economy crumbled under the loss of control. Nobody knows why the computers stopped serving the human race but a few of the hardcore believers think that it got mad with us. The lord of A.I. wasn't pleased with our ways and decided we had to be punished. And so he did.

Now in these dark ages it is up to the new generation to praise the computer and its lord in the hope that one day it will grant us his favor again and help us rebuild the civilisation that we once had. But until that day we have to serve and praise him as best as we can, so every week there is a ceremony around a computer, praising its existence and asking it for forgivenes.

Aheum, so yeah, basicly its just a computer cult.

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