17 April 2011

One man party

If you have to, you just have to.

When I go to work right now I spend about 30 minutes on a train. This can be rather usefull to draw, read or sleep. But once in a while something happens in that time. Just like this week. As usual I walked on the train and took a seat. This time I did notice that almost all places were occupied except a little island of empty chairs. First I though, "yay lucky me". But then I noticed why the seats were empty.

As I sat down I noticed this guy, in the centre of the empty seat island. He was talking to himself, to the person in front of him (which was an empty chair) and during that half hour on the train he had sung, danced, commented on the good quality of Brussels and Antwerp, greeted other people who sat on the train. In general he had a little party going on in his seat. All in all it was actually rather funny to see and I couldn't help myself but make a little sketch of the situation.

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