06 March 2011

Vacation time

Quantity didn't win over quality.

Well, the next two weeks will be interesting. I have two weeks of vacation time ahead and I don't have any idea yet on what to fill it with. Well, that wouldn't be completely true. I have a big cleanup to do in my room and some conventions that I want to visit. But I don't think I'll be able to fill my entire schedual with just those three thingies. So yeah, whatever will I do?

I'll definatly have no excuse for not coming up with some updates for this blog. Which brings me to this thursdays update and the total lack of it. Yeah for some reason I didn't feel like rushing myself into making a drawing for the update. The last two drawings had a quality of a mere flatline so that didn't help my motivation either.

With flatline I just mean that I followed a standard drawing procedure that I've acquired over the years. It works fast and easy and gives a normal result, but its not "BAM Shawauw". It would be nice if I could make a drawing like that again soon. For now, simple sketches for this sundays update.

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