06 September 2011

What are dreams

Strange ideas? Lets just make one more.

Last night I had a dream with an interesting idea. There were three characters. A guy(hero), a girl(might have been his sister) and a magician. The guy and the magician were at a school-like building and somewhere in one of the halls there was an ancient worldmap. Apparently the magician came from a universe inside that map. It wasn't like the map was a small version of that magical world. More like there was a world hidden somewhere inside the material of the map.

But at one point in the dream the girl had been kidnapped by evil birds or something, taken away to be eaten alive. Terrible way to meet ones end. At the same time the guy/hero and magician escape the normal world for whatever reason and they flee to the world/universe inside the worldmap in the hall. There was some cool animation zoom/blurr/morph effect while traveling to that world.

Once in that strange world the guy had a strong big demonlike body, with devilwings on his back and a face like a monster, the chest had the shape of the bat from batman. But eventhough he looked strong and dangerous he was still trying to be herolike. They appeared on the edge of a cliff near a shore or mountain, but just as they showed up two monsters attacked.

The creatures looked like a lower level version of the hero's monster body. You could say that they were just level 20 monsters while the hero was a level 85 or higher. I'm sure its needles to say he got rid of them in a quick and effective way.

Since the area was safe after that the magician told the hero that he would swap bodies with the girl. She was still being attacked in the real world and he had to safe her from a gruesome death. He was willing to sacrifice his own life for it. So a snap second later the girl was safe in the hidden world of the map while the magician was back in the real world. (Though I think he was probably going to kick those birds asses since he can actually defend himself with some powerfull magic)

When I woke up I thought a bit about the dream and wondered what dreams were. With the magical world being inside the material of the map I figured it could be like those, "the universe is endless" type of things. If there was a galaxy inside the electrons of the atoms from that map, you could say that the magician had actually traveled through space somehow.

But I'm keeping it simple for now. I've read some funny ideas on the internet about quantum entanglement. Now I'm sure I'll have the propper idea about it all wrong, but for the funny idea about dreams I'm using the following parts of the theory.
Two electrons that are entangled will have an effect on each other, even if the distance is so big that it crosses the stars. They will, in a way, communicate information to each other (like a space telephone).

To hit the idea a bit further down crazylane I figured that these electrons could be entangled with not just two but even more locations in space. Then combine that with the idea of the multiverse in which any possible event or idea has, is or will happen.

So now you got electrons from all over the universe communicating with each other. The electrons flowing in my brain will thus receive the information from out there in the vast galaxy. So here's the fun part. If we are awake we are so distracted by all the information around us on the planet earth, but when we are asleep we are not. Thus, when we sleep we can actually receive this information from the outer galaxies of space.

Of course we will perceive them as dreams and treat them as none other. Once we wake up we lose contact with the dreambrainwave and lose the information very quickly, unless we make an effort to store it in our memory. What we wouldn't have realised then of course is that we've actually seen a part of history from out there in the galaxy. We might have been the silent witness of some great event millions of lightyears away. (though lightyears sounds too little for the distence that I'm talking about when using the multiverse theory)

The reason that I'm using the multiverse is to explain those dreams in which you dream about friends or things that you know. The explenation would simple be that there is somewhere a universe in which an alternive you is running around doing other things. Specificly the stuff from inside your dream. As your brainwave and his are entangled with each other you can receive his life experience from that moment.

Of course, the scary part of this idea are the nightmares we have. Cause it would mean that somewhere your worst nightmare is actually not imagination, but a true fact.

But yeah, that's my five cents of crazyness for today.

tldr: When you sleep you receive videomessage from the multiverses and perceive them as dreams.