30 January 2011


Forgive us, oh Lord of the computer!

So what would happen if there was an apocalyps and the world tumbled down to the medieval ages again. I'm sure there are many possibilities but for this sketch I'd like to go with the following one. Mayor brakedown of civilisations and only a few things remain of the previous world. The computer is one of them, only one problem they don't work without electricity.

So in a dark world fueled by fire and warm blankets they find these heaps of abandoned computers. Mountains of them and they all look very similar. The books of ancient times write about how these "computers" were very important in that time and that they controled a lot if not all of the humans activities.

But on that faithfull day the computers failed to function again and the world was without control anymore. Panic came on the streets and the economy crumbled under the loss of control. Nobody knows why the computers stopped serving the human race but a few of the hardcore believers think that it got mad with us. The lord of A.I. wasn't pleased with our ways and decided we had to be punished. And so he did.

Now in these dark ages it is up to the new generation to praise the computer and its lord in the hope that one day it will grant us his favor again and help us rebuild the civilisation that we once had. But until that day we have to serve and praise him as best as we can, so every week there is a ceremony around a computer, praising its existence and asking it for forgivenes.

Aheum, so yeah, basicly its just a computer cult.

27 January 2011

Its a sound effect

Using a song might be better for your ears.

As it was ultimatly late today with the update I didn't think I'd find a song quickly, eventhough it wouldn't have to be very long. Instead I thought it would be a fun idea to give some comments myself during the movie of this thursdays update. Not sure if I'm doing a good thing by that, cause the quality of the recording is very bad, this highpitch sound is constantly buggin it.

It may seem like I was just talking without any preperation, but it actually took me five or more times to record a version that wasn't to bad. Some of the first were just filled with "euhms", and silences. But after a few times you get to find out what you want to say and make it sound like a fluent piece of text.

The drawing itself is just a sketch that I've made on the bus that I liked enough to color on the computer. I went very easy on the style and technique cause, as mentioned before, I didn't have that much time anymore. I'm getting a bit slacky on this blog, but hopefully it'll fix itself in the future.

23 January 2011

Check on youtube

Cause I can't quick-check it on DVD or in the cinema.

Whenever I see a movie and there are some funny or good scenes in it I usually check on youtube if I can find them again. Its a lot faster then using a DVD and skiming through the different scenes until I find it. Besides, if I use the DVD I mostly end up watching the entire movie again. So thank you people who put those good scenes on youtube, you save me a lot of time.

So a movie I saw recently is Tangled and I have to say the characters are both hilarious and very well done. The "acting" is amazing and I hope the team who did those characters can work on a lot more movies in the future. For once I had the feeling that they showed real emotion and not staged emotions. Of course the scene with the thugs is funny.

Slow side-fact, they apparently used a lot of scenes in the trailer that weren't used in the final movie. Frankly I like this a lot, that way they can show us what to expect and still bring us something new when the movie is finaly there. They should do that more often. But anyways, I tried some sketching on the main characters and got this as result. Could be worse.

20 January 2011

I need a new computer

Cause seriously, how else am I going to play Bioshock Infinite

Which seems to be another game in the bioshock serie and damn does it look sweet. A flying steampunkish city with the gameplay of bioshock. If it were any cooler even God would praise this game. Of course my opinion might be biased cause I love steampunk and I love the Bioshock/System shock gameplay, but it still looks awesome in the trailer.

The weird part is that I've only discovered this today, probably has to do with me not being very focused on games in the past few months. This week I've been playing some unreal tournament 2003 again online. I know its an old game but my computer is about six years old, which could be concidered antique for a gaming computer.

But its still a good computer for drawing and playing the older games, and yes I know, apparently I haven't finished any drawing today. For some reason the title of this blog seems appropriate this time. Its odd though, I have a drawing in the making but I just can't seem to finish it up, and yet I'm very motivated to see it finished.

Maybe the anticipation is making my work go slower. Cause I'm constantly thinking its not going to be as good as I imagine its going to be and therefor I get a bit disapointed. But I supose I'll just have to be happy with a less then perfect drawing, even though I wish I could make it freaking awesome.

16 January 2011

Less is more

Or so they say.

If you are familiar with the hundred words to draw list then you might also know that its hard to keep working on it. For me its a disaster, back in 2007 I found a list like that and wrote down the words in the hope I could make a drawing for each of the words in a short time. But I wanted to keep them togheter so I found myself a book with exactly a hundred pages, to fill each page with one drawing.

Right now its 2011 and I've only finished about 10 or less words so I might have to admit a small defeat for this one. But there is still a bit of hope lingering around the pages. I was able to make a drawing for two of the words this week. Number 41 "abandoned" and number 93 "iron" I'm still working on the last details for nr 93, so for now I'll post nr 41 here.

You may notice its in black and white, which is normal. For some odd reason I wanted to draw nothing but black and white drawings in that little book, the only other thing I could do was adding a bit of shadow with a pencil, but the rest of the lines had to be in black ink. I think it was supposed to help me complete the list a bit faster then normal. With a four year delay I might say the original idea behind it failed, but I still like the concept of having a book completly black and white.

13 January 2011

So much in one drawing

I have more text then drawing!

Where to begin? I drew this little musician because I had to draw a quick thingy for todays update. I have another drawing in my "still working on it" folder but I'm just not getting it finished for some reason. So I made this little sucker, which didn't need a lot of thinking or hard work. I followed a standard procedure for it: "sketch, ink, double ink, flat color, quick shade, overlay gradient and finishing filter"

But then I get to the proces behind the scene. Like the teapot for example, I only noticed its peculiar shape after I had completed the lines and recorded that piece of the clip. So there was very little I could do about that part. At one moment in the clip you might notice that the character suddenly gets filled with all the necesary colors. That is me forgetting to click the "record" button. Which I only noticed of course after all the colors were done.

This time I thought it would be funny to show the entire proces, from scanning to save file. I like how the scanning seems to go so fast in the clip, but in reality its always such a long time. The game that pops up for a second is a demo that I accidentaly activated. I have a pop-up menu on the left of my screen, so when I get to close to the border it pops open. Which has the nasty effect of me clicking on an icon in that menu when I actually want to click on a button in photoshop.

And finaly but not least, Richard Wagner with Ride of the Valkyries as the song for the clip. No reason whatsoever, except for the fact that I couldn't find a song that I liked for this perticular drawing. But I supose a bit of exageration can't be to bad with a character like that. Anyways, enjoy this filler art for this update, cause really, that's what it is.

Music clown by ~wulfnstein on deviantART

09 January 2011


Should there be a frame of him jumping of the ship?

Exceptionally the shop was open today, on a sunday. So I took a bus and went to work like a regular day. On the bus I tried to draw a bit but I couldn't figure anything out, and the bus was shaking a bit to much. After I had put my sketchbook away again I figured I'd just be sitting on the bus for the rest of the trip.

Seems I was wrong, for some reason I started to imagine this pirate chap on a pirate ship, trying to jump overboard. It only took a few more seconds after I had the entire story in my mind to figure out I had to put it on paper. To my suprice it didn't bother me that the bus was still shakig around and the sketches went on pretty well for a busride drawing.

06 January 2011

When dinosaurs ruled the earth

Twas not so long ago that reptiles ruled over mother earth.

Why not go a little crazy when you're making up stories. What about dinosaurs actually building a civilisation like our own and also making it to the moon. As explained on the deviantart page it only took us humans 200 000 to reach modern civilisation and to go for the moon. Which isn't that much time concidering the earth is probably around 500 millions years old or more.

Since Dinosaurs ruled the earth for 165 millions years and it only took us 1/5 of a million years, they had 825 chances to get on the moon. Thats a lot of chances. You could say: "but we haven't found any signs of civilisations of that time", to which I'll just reply: "meh, earthquakes, shifting of the earth plates, meteorstrikes and just plain wackyness removed all the signs.

But all sillines aside, there is one true thing about the drawing below. If an object was placed on the moon millions of years ago it might still be here today. There is no erosion on the moon and the only danger would come from meteors. Sillines back again, if the human race would die (global warming, nucliar war, 2012, whatever) there might be another race popping up in a few million years that might reach the moon.

It would be so freaking awesome to see their reaction to our moon lander. Of course it might be possible that we humans have found such a plate on the moon back in '69 but decided not to tell the public. I guess it would create quite an uproar, it would imply that there was another intelligent race on earth before us.

Which could mean that either God doesn't exist or that we are not as chosen as we might have thought to be. It would also show us that they were fragile creatures and that time erases everything from the books of history in the long run. That could create a wave of "why bother" onto the worlds pessimistic people. It would be good for sales of the history books of course cause they'd would have to be rewritten all over again , and so on and so on.

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>activating show stuff mode:

02 January 2011

First post this year

First new years resolution, "To get involved."

Right now its 2011, the new year has started and for a moment I was wondering if I should stop this blog and start something completly different. Of course I decided to continue, or else I wouldn't be typing this text right now. I'll see to it that I keep this going until February 1, which happens to be the day I first started this blog. Then I'll see if it needs to go phoenix or not.

For now I'll post the latest page of sketches from my sketchbook. Some odd spheres and creatures togheter with a hint of sketchy figures.