26 June 2011


Chinese food and treasure, what a combo.

What a week, absolutly nothing spectacular happend. Well, besides some chinese diner with some friends and some geocaching treasure hunting. But besides that, a boring week.

The geocaching was rather interesting. I stopped at a trainstation on my way home to check one of them out. I had to walk about 400 meters to the end of the station to get it. But after I had found it I was lucky enough that I could just relax a bit in the warm sun, the silent trainstation and the lovely summerly smell that was floating in the air. The other ones weren't as easy to find so that was a nice challenge.

The chinese diner was fun and I had a nice time. The funny thing was when we got our soup. The waitress had the exact same number of bowls, and one of the soups was the same as the one that the kid next to us had. So she had mixed the two tables. So here I am, with a bowl of soup in front of me, and then she's snatching it away from me and puts it on the right table. Hilarious situation if you ask me, I aught to make a comic about that.

13 June 2011

sketchy sketch sketch

Just needed some practise

The sketches that I'm posting today are some of the practise sketches I made during some boredom time. I figure I ought to draw more of those things. I'm getting to mellow on the drawings, not focusing enough on realism or just plain correct anatomical stuff. I tend to lose focus on being correct and just go with a flow that some might call my "style".

05 June 2011

To the one who found my treasure chest

For future adventurers

I had a little playtime with a keyboard that I found in my box of computer material. I figured it would be fun to see what was inside the keyboard. While unscrewing the little screws I discovered there a whole bunch of them, about 17, for just one keyboard.

Inside the keyboard there wasn't that much except a thin plastic sheet with lines on it and a tiny little electrical board that controls the keyboard. I thought there would be more to it, but apparently a keyboard is "simple" stuff.

Sadly enough I couldn't press the key directly on the thin plastic thingy, so I couldn't play with it anymore. Right now the keyboard has been demoted to trash, but hey at least I discovered a little bit of keyboard insideness.

Talking about discovering, I'm planning a little adventure. Not for me, but for somebody else in the world who will be curious enough to follow the trail of crumbs that I'm going to leave behind. I'm going to put together a small treasure chest, make a map about its whereabouts and then drop some hidden clues here and there.

Inside the chest will be a letter with a link to a "hey you found the chest, awesome!"-clip. Maybe even a little bit of other treasurehood.

I hope that somebody will find the treasure chest somewhere in the future and hopefully that person will enjoy it as much as I would enjoy it if I suddenly found a treasure hunt at work. Recently I've been very curious about the building where I'm working, its big, has a lot of different rooms and hallways that connect in odd ways. It really speaks to my imagination.

Finding out what is in those rooms can be rewarding from time to time. But it would have been even more awesome if I had actually found a treasure in one of those rooms. Since I haven't been lucky enough I want to give another adventurer like myself the chance to be that lucky.

02 June 2011

Finding the right book

Books ..

Some time back I went to a store to check out the book section. I hoped to find a nice thick book that I could read. My previous treasures were two collection books. One of Arthur C. Clark and the other from Asimov Isaac. I also got a thick sandwich book of "The hitchhikers guide to the galaxy". Right now I might try "The lord of the rings", but I'm not sure if I'm all that ready for fantasy books.

What I noticed in the shop was that there were so many series, and not enough single stories. I don't mind reading if the story is good, but I do mind spending a lot of money on all those books, even if they would be awesome. I guess that is something I'll have to make peace with. How else will I ever be able to read all the stories from good ol' Pratchet's Discworld.

If anyone knows a good science fiction story in a single book, or a series collected in a single book, let me know.

In other news, the sketches that I post here today are just some practise I worked on during my spare time on the train to work. There's this free newspaper every day, and once in a while there's a nice picture to draw. Since it was apparently a happy birthday for the movie "A clockwork orange" I thought it was a good idea to draw that one.

Not as easy as you might think with a train going hobeldy hobbel on its rails.