22 March 2017

What a world we live in

Looks like I'm not procrastinating right now.

You know those blogs which have died a silent death, but then years later they make a new post and are all like "This is it, from now on I'll post every day and this'll become the best blog EVAR!"? Usually those blogs die off again after that one new post and you'll hear nothing of them again for the rest of eternity.


I'm pretty sure my blog belongs to that group, about 87% chance of it. Nonetheless, it is now time to start ranting. Enjoy.

A good point to start is the following question: "What the hell have I been doing in the past five years?". To awnser that question I could write a whole bunch of posts, explaning in excruciating detail what has happend. But to hell with that, here's the short version.

Vacation to Canada, brother having a kid, changing work location, living on my own, grandparents died, became godfather of two lovely little buggers and I did a year of making animations every day.

Oh yeah, look at that, its even in chronological order. You can thank my journal for that. Yeah I said it, I have a journal. Not that I use it on a regular basis, far from it. Usually there's a month inbetween the moments I write someting in it. However, I have been using it for the past two decades. Because of that it has accumulated a lot of thoughts, lost mindsets, opinions and ideas. Most of them are as foolish as they are long.

An example: (translated from dutch for your comfort)
A minute ago I was sittinig at my window, looking at the moon. It occured to me that next year or the year after that people might be flying around the moon again, courtesy of SpaceX.  It would be the first time in my life that I could look at the moon and know that I'm not just looking at a dead rock, but also people who are actually there. Wtf.

After that I started looking at the stars and for the first time I realised that around each and every one of those stars there is probably a planet. In the past I only saw stars when I looked at the night sky. But tonight I gazed at the stars and I saw more, in my mind it was not just lonely stars, but stars with a planets floating around it, maybe even more then one planet, heck maybe even a  planet with actual life on it. Its fascinating to look at the sky with this in mind.
Its not that I didn't know this before, but with scientist discovering more and more exoplanets lately, the idea becomes more and more realistic. Kinda like a kangaroo, I have never seen a kangaroo in real life, yet science/photo's has shown me that they are real. Just like those planets, I have never seen them, but science has shown me that they are there, floating around those little bright lights in the sky.  
I like that idea, its comforting in a way.

In case that it isn't obvious, I like science. More specifically, I like spaceships, spacetravel and the fact that I live in an era where I might experience a new space revolution. The only sad part about it is that I do not have a degree in rocket sciene and thus I cannot participate in pushing the space science to the next level.

So I'll just sit around here and entertain whoever that reads this blog. I might need to bring some snacks and drinks if I want to keep people interested.

18 September 2012

Zodiac stuff

I'm an Aquisces!

For those of you that don't know this, the Zodiac in magazines can be quite annoying when it comes to the date. Its something I have noticed through my 27 years of experience on this planet. My birthday is February 19. This is by wikipedian standards the last day of the Aquarius sign. In some magazines however I noticed that my birthday was in fact the first day of Pisces!

Now you should also know there is this thing called "Cusp" which is a name they have given to the people who are born on the borderlines of the zodiac signs. For my cusp moment you have the period of February 16 to February 26. If I am to belief wikipedia I would be called a Pisarius. Now don't get me wrong, its nice that they gave us a name but really, PISarius?

Luckily for me I didn't know about the existence of these cusps before I created the list below, hell I only discovered about those cusp names because I was doing research for this blogpost. Yes I can be daft sometimes. Belief me or not but when I started making the names like "Aquisces" or "Gemancer" I felt like shakespear, a noobish one at that, but still, I was happy about the names I had created.

All completly original names...

  1. Aries -> Taurus = Arus 
  2. Taurus -> Gemini = Taumini
  3. Gemini ->  Cancer = Gemancer
  4. Cancer -> Leo = Caleo
  5. Leo -> Virgo = Lergo
  6. Virgo -> Libra = Vira
  7. Libra -> Scorpio = Librio
  8. Scorpio -> Sagittarius = Scorius
  9. Sagittarius -> Capricorn = Sagicorn
  10. Capricorn -> Aquarius = Caprius
  11. Aquarius -> Pisces = Aquisces
  12. Pisces -> Aries = Piries
With Virgo and Libra I had come to the same conclusion as the original name for it "Vibra", but if you are old enough you may know why I didn't want to use it like that. Vira sounds more feminine and independed. Lergo is exactly the same as the original cusp name, just like Arus. Gemini and Cancer is called a Gemincer by cusp standards, so I only had one letter different on that one.

The mayor trend hower is this. I worked from left to right, but most of the cusp signs work from right to left. I used the first part of the first sign, and the second part of the second sign.  They however used it visa versa, the second part of the first sign, and the first part of the second sign.

(Sagittarius, Capricorn)=Sagicorn
(Sagittarius, Capricorn)=Caprittarius

I'm not really sure why its like that, their technique isn't chronological or in the right reading direction. Unless of course it was made by somebody who read from right to left. I guess they just wanted to be creative.
In the end however I like Aquisces way better then Pisarius, first of all because Aquisces sounds more sophiticated, like the word "eloquent". Secondly, because it doesn't start with pis.

04 April 2012

Webcomic translations

Why don't we have a wikipedia for webcomic translations?

Last night I was reading some of the webcomics I follow and for some odd reason I also jumped to wikipedia to check something. In some cross reference minded twist I connected these two sites and a hybred was born.

"Wikipedia for webcomics translations"

As of this moment I'm wondering why we don't have that type of site on the net. There are of course the logical reasons about intellectual property, copyrights and some other paperwork stuff like that. But those rules also apply to any of the encyclopedia articles that have been written in the past centuries. Yet we have wikipedia.

So why would it be impossible for an artist to say: "Hey, I don't mind posting my art on this webcomic-wiki. As long as people translate it I'm cool with it." Though some professional artist might dissagree with freely sharing their comic pages, I guess a lot of the lesser known (or cooler professional) artist might enjoy this type of site alot.

One of the other big issues is of course the practical application of such an undertaking. Making a site isn't the problem, but providing the endusers with the right tools to blank out comic pages, or put text in the bubbles in propper and easy way, that is the hard part.

In most cases you'll need extra software like photoshop to blank out the bubbles on the original webcomic. Putting in the text is also a bit tricky with the limited space of the bubbles. Although this slow proces is not impossible it would stop a lot of users because its not as fast and easy as making a new article in wikipedia.

All legal issues, artists restraints and technological issues put aside, I think it would be a splendid idea to have this type of wiki. I checked the internet and only found one or two sites that are involved in this type of practise. One of the sites "comic influx" has translations available but not on the comic pages themselves. Only as text next to a cover image of the comic.

There are some webcomics who have translations available of their own. In most cases however its only in one or two languages and the number of translated pages is about 10% of the total number of comic pages.

I'm sure there is a way to create either a wiki or an app for easily translating webcomics by the thousands. My only hope is that some webdeveloper is going to either read this blog or think of this idea and create a site for it. Where artists can submit their webcomics and users gladly translate any comic page that is presented to them.

A collaboration between endusers, webcomics and webdevelopers to make a better translated webcomic world. Ah, good old utopian feelings.

15 January 2012

Cloud Earth

There's a rouge planet in collision course with Earth! ... bummer.

The line above is sort of the main idea with which I started a week long sketching project. It seemed like a cool idea to take the idea of Earth being destroyed by a rouge planet from outer space and make a series of sketches or drawings based on that. A week or seven sketches seemed like a nice amount of drawings to give me time enough to flesh out the story behind it and also just not to long to bore me in the long run.

So every day I made a sketch. I started out with some simple ideas and global ideas of what happend and who would survive and where stuff would go to. But the more I thought about it in the passing days the more it intriged me. Did the physics work out? Does water boil in space? What about the problems that could arise?

I think it was on the fifth day that I realised that if the Earth was destroyed we would lose the magnetic field and so we would also lose our protective shield for the suns radiation. This revelation popped a serious hole in my imagination, cause the science didn't fit the story anymore. For as far as I knew. So I had to fix that with adding "Artificial magnetic field generators" in the story somehow. Which in turn brought me towards "Artificial gravity field generators". During the week I posted a sketch on facebook with a little bit of storyline.

"Somewhere in the future another planet pops up in our solar system and crashes head first into the Earth! Where there used to be Earth there is now only a cloud of meteorites, dust particals, lost ozon and frozen water. the few survivers who saved themselves by hiding on the dark side of the moon will have to try their best to survive in this new and harsh world. Will they ever get back in contact with the mars collony's that were created only two years earlier? Are they even alive? That and many other questions float around in the minds of the Lunians, Survivers of old Earth. "

"Survivors of old earth united themselves on Moonrock base. At first it was a moonbase for scientific research. When news came of planet x crashing into earth they transformed it into a bunker for survival. The inital strike destroyed the entire earth and the moon got hit pretty bad as well. Luckily being on the dark side of the moon was a smart move to avoid collision with any schrapnel coming from earths direction. These days, Moonrock base has grown into a small city with a lot of outposts and mining camps on satelite meteors nearby. Soon they'll be able to gather enough resources from the surrounding area to start one of the first explorations towards "Old Earths Remnants". What will they find on these barren rocks? Death, ruins, or just nothing at all? "

"The survivers of Old Earth have to look, on a regular basis, for new sources of minerals and materials. Once in a while they encounter something that reminds them of the Old Earth and the beauty that it used to be. Whenever they find the ruins of human civilisation from Old Earth they try their very best to bring them back to Moonrock base. There they hope to either investigate the ruins, reverse engeneer them if possible, or just make an exibition out of them for a while. In a worst case they can still just recycle the material they get from it. The very first ruïn that they found was put on the central square of Moonrock base. As a reminder of where they came from and what used to be. "

"Moonrock base is the only human city that exits in Cloud Earth today. There are a few extra camps and mines created by these humans, but besides them there are none left. Of course there are urban legends about humans that did survive the big crash, which suposidly now live in small spacecrafts floating around throught the meteors of Cloud Earth. But no one has ever seen such spacecrafts and all the radios on Moonrock base that are activly searching for any sign of life are only hearing noise. Some say that this is normal. Its almost impossible to get a good signal out to one of the mining camps because there are constantly rocks and meteors floating through the path of the radio waves. So they say it would be almost impossible to catch the radio signal of a lost spacecraft somewhere on the other side of Cloud Earth. Though technicaly correct the leaders of Moonrock Base don't encourage the search for lost Spacecrafts. They'd rather like their people to be zealous about survival instead of looking for past ghosts of Old Earth. Dum vivimus vivamus, as long as we are alive, we should be living. "

"With the loss of the Earth the human survivers also lost the gravity of the planet and the magnetic field that surrounded the Earth. This brought new challenges to the survivors. They were able to invent artificial magnetic fields which could protect the smallest human and even the largest base from the radiation from the sun. The biggest challenge however was gravity. It took them a while to discover ways to harness its power. While they were researching this, a lot of different inventions were made. One of them was the anti-gravity pulse generator, or in laymens terms, the poke gun. It sort of creates an anti gravity field around a certain area. Instead of being attracted by the gravity source anything will be repelled by it. It turned out to be very usefull to get rid of those annoying little meteorites floating around Moonrock base. It was even better to protect fragile equipment that had to stand outside on the rocks, like satelites or solar power generators. Some bold scientist once claimed that the destruction of the Earth wasn't so bad, because of all the awesome new discoveries that had been made. He soon discovered that people weren't that apprehensive of his statement."

"Growing crops on earth wasn't always easy with the little annoying bugs. In space however, after everything on Earth died, there were very little to no bugs left. Which helped the farmers on Moonrock base a lot. They only had to worry about gravity, radiation, water supply, roots growing through the soil into the meteorite, sunlight that has irregular hours of light, going from 3 hours sun, and 12 shadow, to the opposite and some more strange problems you get from getting your planet blown into smithereens. Because it is very hard for anything to grow the lunians concider it a miracle if anything grows, even if its a fungus. When they first created Moonrock base a wide variaty of plants was brought to the base. Sadly enough a lot of accidents, fires, meteorite crashes have destroyed a lot of the original stockpile. The natural diversity has been diminished to a mere 1024. The strange part however is that, from the 1024 different spiecies, there is one of them which doesn't match any of the spiecies from Old Earth. Some say it might have been a random plant hitching a ride on another plant and nobody noticed. Other people hower say that it is a plant from the other Planet. They believe it must have infiltrated Moonrock base during one of the accidents and that it may be proof that there was alien life on the other planet. Though no scientific proof has been found to back up that urban legend."

"A lot of things changed with the destruction of the Earth. But a few things stayed the same. Hollidays stuck around and eventhough there weren't any more christmass trees, that didn't stop them from decorating something that looked like it. One of the strange things that got the Lunians by suprice was snow. Thought in the end it was to be expected but nobody actually thought about snow in space. Having a planet that had about 71% of its surface covered by water was a good source for snow and ice in space. Thought this time it isn't seasonal anymore, now it all depended on the flow of the material in Earth cloud. If they were lucky they'd hit a snow cloud. If such an event would appear they'd go out and make some snowmen. Once in a while though one of those snowmen gets hit and destroyed and the remains float in space again. A sad reminder of what happened to earth, but also a happy thought about that smily face floating around in the cold space, never to stop smiling or being happy while its still alive. Dum vivimus vivamus. "

Now that the week is over I'm glad that I was able to take an idea and work it out way further then I expected when I started. Now there are many ideas floating in my mind about this imaginary world. In a way I'd love to work more on it, draw more of the ideas and storylines that still linger in my mind.

There are still the colonies on Mars that I didn't flesh out or the aliens that might have lived on the other planet. Heck, I havn't even begun on working out the layout of the other planet, was it alien, earthlike, or was it baren like mars or venus. So much ideas and questions that I still have in my mind. Not sure thought if they'll ever see the daylight. Being a procrastinator I fear for the worst. But luckily I already have these seven drawings and a storyidea that could actually work if I ever were to finish it.

30 October 2011

Watching a movie

Time to spare

This sunday I went to the movies. Not just like that, but with a plan. You see, I wanted to see a movie in the cinema before 12 a clock, cause then we only have to pay 5,30€ instead of the 8,10€ I'd usually would have to pay. So off I went, happily to the busstation to catch the first bus I could find. This resulted in me being about an hour too early at the cinema.

With this much time I didn't want to just sit there all the time, just waiting. A good thing that I had anticipated this. With my sketchbook in my backpacman and a curious look on my face I walked a bit around the block, looking for some fun stuff that I could draw. After passing two women discussing something in front of a café, and walking through a small street with nothing but closed shops I arrived at a small square with three benches and some trees with yellow leafs.

I dropped myself on one of the benches and started making a drawing of the medieval tower. Fun fact: There was a hotel build around the tower. The people in the dinning room had a view off the tower if they looked outside. Before I went back to the cinema I had the basic idea sketches out on paper.

The movie itself was "The adventures of Tintin, the secret of the unicorn" Being from Belgium myself I just love the idea of hollywood making a movie about a character that was made by a Belgian. Of course I hoped that they wouldn't destroy it by hollywoodifying it. But after seeing the movie I was fairly pleased. Though I guess I missed the original soundtrack a bit.

The graphics were very sweet, and althought the story in the movie is a mix of different comics it wasn't bad. There were a few moments where you could notice that the part was added by the American "we need action" idea, but all in all I left the cinema with a good feeling about the movie. I'll definatly be curious about the next Tintin movie.

Now, to continue the story of the day. After the movie I went back to the medieval tower, to draw all the details. Sadly the bench that I had used earlier was occupied. Nothing that couldn't be fixed by wasting some time with walking around a church that was just sitting there on the other side of the square. So when the bench was available again I continued.

I still find it both funny and annoying when people start looking at me drawing. The annoying part is that I feel watched and judged. Though I guess that is not so bad after all. The funny part is that they all try to be inconspicuous about it. Walking behind my back, looking over my shoulder, or just walking a bit closer to steal a glance of the drawing.

Normaly I would have spend an extra two hours on the drawing, but when I felt the first drop of rain hit my hand, I stopped drawing and decided it was time to go home. The only thing I still had to draw was the tilles on the roof, but I fixed that while I was sitting on the bus. Which isn't allways that easy when the busdriver likes to take sharp turns.

043 30102011 by ~thedailywulfy on deviantART

06 September 2011

What are dreams

Strange ideas? Lets just make one more.

Last night I had a dream with an interesting idea. There were three characters. A guy(hero), a girl(might have been his sister) and a magician. The guy and the magician were at a school-like building and somewhere in one of the halls there was an ancient worldmap. Apparently the magician came from a universe inside that map. It wasn't like the map was a small version of that magical world. More like there was a world hidden somewhere inside the material of the map.

But at one point in the dream the girl had been kidnapped by evil birds or something, taken away to be eaten alive. Terrible way to meet ones end. At the same time the guy/hero and magician escape the normal world for whatever reason and they flee to the world/universe inside the worldmap in the hall. There was some cool animation zoom/blurr/morph effect while traveling to that world.

Once in that strange world the guy had a strong big demonlike body, with devilwings on his back and a face like a monster, the chest had the shape of the bat from batman. But eventhough he looked strong and dangerous he was still trying to be herolike. They appeared on the edge of a cliff near a shore or mountain, but just as they showed up two monsters attacked.

The creatures looked like a lower level version of the hero's monster body. You could say that they were just level 20 monsters while the hero was a level 85 or higher. I'm sure its needles to say he got rid of them in a quick and effective way.

Since the area was safe after that the magician told the hero that he would swap bodies with the girl. She was still being attacked in the real world and he had to safe her from a gruesome death. He was willing to sacrifice his own life for it. So a snap second later the girl was safe in the hidden world of the map while the magician was back in the real world. (Though I think he was probably going to kick those birds asses since he can actually defend himself with some powerfull magic)

When I woke up I thought a bit about the dream and wondered what dreams were. With the magical world being inside the material of the map I figured it could be like those, "the universe is endless" type of things. If there was a galaxy inside the electrons of the atoms from that map, you could say that the magician had actually traveled through space somehow.

But I'm keeping it simple for now. I've read some funny ideas on the internet about quantum entanglement. Now I'm sure I'll have the propper idea about it all wrong, but for the funny idea about dreams I'm using the following parts of the theory.
Two electrons that are entangled will have an effect on each other, even if the distance is so big that it crosses the stars. They will, in a way, communicate information to each other (like a space telephone).

To hit the idea a bit further down crazylane I figured that these electrons could be entangled with not just two but even more locations in space. Then combine that with the idea of the multiverse in which any possible event or idea has, is or will happen.

So now you got electrons from all over the universe communicating with each other. The electrons flowing in my brain will thus receive the information from out there in the vast galaxy. So here's the fun part. If we are awake we are so distracted by all the information around us on the planet earth, but when we are asleep we are not. Thus, when we sleep we can actually receive this information from the outer galaxies of space.

Of course we will perceive them as dreams and treat them as none other. Once we wake up we lose contact with the dreambrainwave and lose the information very quickly, unless we make an effort to store it in our memory. What we wouldn't have realised then of course is that we've actually seen a part of history from out there in the galaxy. We might have been the silent witness of some great event millions of lightyears away. (though lightyears sounds too little for the distence that I'm talking about when using the multiverse theory)

The reason that I'm using the multiverse is to explain those dreams in which you dream about friends or things that you know. The explenation would simple be that there is somewhere a universe in which an alternive you is running around doing other things. Specificly the stuff from inside your dream. As your brainwave and his are entangled with each other you can receive his life experience from that moment.

Of course, the scary part of this idea are the nightmares we have. Cause it would mean that somewhere your worst nightmare is actually not imagination, but a true fact.

But yeah, that's my five cents of crazyness for today.

tldr: When you sleep you receive videomessage from the multiverses and perceive them as dreams.

17 July 2011

A day off

A free ticket, first class for one day? Sounds good to me.

The NMBS (railwayservice here in belgium) had given all its customers, who had a subscription in a certain period this year, a first class free ticket for one day any trajectory. I was lucky enough to have had a 3 month subscription in that period, so I got one of them golden tickets. Most people will probably use it for a long trip to the sea and back. But I figured, lets exploit this as best as I can.. legaly.

So I planned a small trip through Belgium. Around 5:45 in the morning I took the bus to my first train station. Londerzeel. Lovely place, and very "classic" in the way of being a station. From there I took my first train, which went to the coast. "Zeebrugge strand". The beach was alright and the temperature soothing. But the town itself had, besides some fun architecture, nothing to offer. I only noticed one shop where you could buy something.

On the beach itself I saw a few people measuring, what I imagine to be the amount of sand available. They were really into it, placing little sticks inthe sand with markers on it. They even had a cool golfcart sorta car to drive them all over the place.

A bit further there was one lost shoe half covered in sand, waiting for a new master. Though I fear it might get lost under all the sand. Before I left the beach I grabbed a small sample of sand and put it in a plastic transparent "Hello Kitty" container. My next stop was the complete opposite side of the country, about 150 kilometers in land.

Or as we like to call it "d'ardennen". Though I only went as far as "Namen/Namur" Which on itself was a nice place, lovely station and an ok town. On this journey I tried to pick up two "geocachings" on the road. One was in Namen, but I didn't find it at first and a lack of time prevented me from searching thoroughly.

After that the next train brought me to Liège-guillemins. Let me tell you, that station was the best I have ever seen in my life and might as well be the best I'll ever see. It was so futuristich, modern, smooth, light, open and just plain amazing. If I could I'd take it home with me and place it in my garden I would.

In the background of the photo you might see two big constructions. Those are monuments for victims of war, probably the world wars. I didn't really check the history. But that was the location for my second geocach I was checking out today. Luckily I was able to find this one.

But the treasure itself wasn't the biggest fun, the real awesomenes came from the location itself. Right now they've started to renovatie the monument, but most of the area is still covered in weeds, plants and general "I look post apocalyptic". Going from a hypermodern trainstation to regular city, to postapocalyptic scenery made the entire trip worth while.

After forcing myself to leave this awesome place I continued my journey. I went to Hasselt, which wasn't that spectacular for me, continued to Leuven and then to Veltem where I crashed at Lieven and Carla's place. Which was togheter with some food, entertainment, a nice drink and company a nice ending of the day.

In the end I travelled all through the country in first class, saw an amazing bunch of cool locations and had a good time, all for free thanks to that special trainticket.

PS: If I had paid for all that it would have cost me 87,60 Euros or 123,81 US dollars