27 February 2011

Inspired by

using 3D software to inspire the next drawing

In the last update I posted a little video of a level I had made in the minecraft game. Now I'm sure its not hard to understand that the level of details that I could put in the game was very limited. Those big blocks don't really do the trick when it comes to desiging stuff. What it did do was inspire me to draw those things the way I imagined them.

So today I'll post a few of the sketches that I made based on the two buildings that I had made in that level. I used a 0,5 mm mechanical pencil so I went a little bit more overboard with details then usuall. Sadly the paper in my sketchbook isn't very cooperative with the mechanical pencil. Its too thin and sharp and the paper is too soft and breakable. It was a constant battle to keep the paper in one piece.

So if you trouble yourself with watching that movie from the last post you have to keep in mind that the stuff on these sketches is the kind of detail that I had in my mind when I was making that level. Sadly I have to admit that most of the times that I draw something, its like that. Amazing details and coolness in my imagination and when I look at my paper I only see the dull representation of what I saw in my mind.

24 February 2011


I wondered what it was all about

I've been seeing this minecraft pop up in webcomics, animations and regular news on the internet. So I figured it was time to see what all this was about. Went to the site and didn't bother to buy it, and just played the singleplayer beta version. Which is for free. I'm sure it gives a fine example of what it is.

Darnit. I started with at noon and ended somewhere in the evening. I guess I got a little bit carried away with it. I started to build me some tempel and then tried to make a basement for it. And before that I went with a small UFO in the sky a house and some sort of bridge. But the ufo was small, unlike this one. So here is my humble try on something.

20 February 2011

A planet

Yes, I like science fiction and aliens.

I've spend most of my time today watching a documentary about ancient aliens visiting earth. I find it awesome to get lost in that sort of imagination(or truth, who knows). Its definatly a good inspiration for stories, drawings and other things I'm sure. But its a lot of time I've spend on watching the documentaries. Three hours today and if I hadn't stopped myself for updating this blog I'd probably be going until late in the night.

About the sketch below I can only say that it started as a quick scribble and then I spend an crazy time on the city at the bottom left. Definatly the craziest time I've spend on drawing a city, especialy because it had to flow around the ground, so the perspective altered with each block of houses. Crazy but fun stuff to draw. I wonder what a city like that would be like.

17 February 2011

Its a baby drawing

I wonder if babies come with a warranty?

So I've been working on some stuff lately, February seems to be a busy month when it comes to drawing stuff. One of them is a drawing for a birthday card or is it birth card? Anyway, a little baby on the inside of the card. There was also a little comic on the outside of the card which explained the story of the mother and father. How they met and other stuff.

13 February 2011

Looking back again

Though not as succesfull as I had hoped.

While I was cleaning one of my corners in the room I had to move a few of my folders filled with drawings from the past. The problem however was that I opened one of them, which meant I was lost in looking through all of them. I can't help it, I just love to browse through my older drawings and see what I made back then.

My first idea was to post one of the older drawings for todays update, but in a way it felt like cheating cause I still had enough time to make a sketch today. So I went for the good old comparison drawing. Picking an old one and making a newer version of it. There were a lot of candidates but I went for an old 2003 drawing with a character that was influenced by megatokyos (girl with big crazy gun) style.

In my opinion the face has improved, and I love the new gun I drew, but the body of the 2011 character just doesn't have the shwoong that it needs. The 2003 one has more shwoong but the weapon is not as cool as the 2011 one. And it definatly doesn't have the same shwoong as the megatokyo version. So in retrospect I'm thinking I should have drawn the character a bit more cartoony and maybe I should have added a bit more to the outfit as well. But it was still nice to make a new big crazy weapon with lotsa tools and gadgets on it.

10 February 2011

Lilo and stitch

Cause its such a good movie!

And now I'm in firefox cause that darn internet explorer fails to work when I try to embed this video and drawing. Yes it irks me a lot. So this weeks update = lilo and stitch, why? Because I was able to buy the DVD for a good price in a videostore that was cleaning up their stock. So needles to say that I saw the movie the minute I got home. Which resulted in a drawing that is very inspired by the movie.

06 February 2011

Good king

The faith in his youngest son was as strong as his oldest son's loyalty.

There isn't much more to say about the sketch. Except that I added a few more pencil lines in photoshop, since the top left was actually white. So I copied a bit in place of the white emptyness. If I didn't do that the picture would lose some of its power. In other unrelated news, the pens of my pentablets are getting old, I'm constantly losing the buttons on them since they fall out when I bump the pens against something.

03 February 2011

A fresh plan

Expect some crazy storylines in the future

So last time I updated this blog I was pondering what to do with it. A lot of ideas had crossed my mind and one of them was making a comic frame each day and hoping to make a comic after one year... sorta. The other idea was making some poetry every week and that was an idea that might have worked if I tried. But I like making comics just a bit more then poems.

By combining these two ideas I got the following solution. I'll just make my random little comics every week. I'll be able to bring forth an idea as in a poem, and show it in a comic. This won't stress me out for providing something every day. I kid you not when I say its sometimes hilariously hard to get online every day and post something.

This time I've recorded the making proces to show you people how I'll be making these little comics. Most of them will just start with a sketch that I draw a frame around and then I'll continue from there making up the story as I go. Which is exactly how it happened this time. Luckily I was able to make something decent today. I really like the detached frame.

So in the future I hope to be able to make three updates a week. I'll have to check which days work the best, but I'm hoping for a tuesday, thursday, sunday update. Where thursdays will have the colored drawing with making off movie, sundays a random sketch and tuesdays the little quick comics. Note to self: "why am I making this blog harder for myself?"

01 February 2011

One year in the making

Post number 110! uh what?

Today is February the first, it is now exactly one year ago that I started this blog, most of the updates were two times a week, with 52 weeks that should make 104 updates. So what are those six extra updates you might wonder. Well they are the very first updates, before I got into the idea of updating twice a week. You see, when I started this blog I had no idea or structure for it, I was just going with the flow.

Now we are one year later and I'm wondering, what does this mean to me. Having a blog all that time changes a lot in my life. Sometimes forcing myself to draw a painting for an update at the last minute, sometimes having too much sketches for just one blogpost and having to keep them for next week. More then once I've been drawing throught the night just to make something for this blog.

But what to do now? Should I continue the way I'm working or should I find a different concept? Updating three times a week or only one time? I could add poetry to my list of updates. Imagine that one colored drawing on thursday, a sketch on sunday, and a poem on tuesday. Its definatly within my reach, but I'm not sure if the quality of weekly poems would be that good.
Another idea was the making of a sort of webcomic. Making one frame every day and posting it. I'd only have to make sure that the frames would have something to do with the previous one. That way a story would unfold over the period of one year. But since I havn't planned anything in advance it would probably be as crazy as "alice in wonderland". Updating every day though seems a bit more of a challenge.

As a celebration for the birthday of Weekly procrastinations I'm going to update this post with some art and a clip of how I made that drawing. I hope that the following year will bring some other interesting things along.