22 May 2011

Cleaning up a bit

Woops, forgot about that.

With "that" I mean a mountain of drawings that I have lying around on my computer, but not yet ordered in the correct folder. So right now (after this blog actually) I'm going to be sweeping through them all and put them in the correct folder.

Its going to be "fun" again, deciding what is concidered "little humans" and what "humans". The original idea was that little humans would be any cartoon-like human, or chibby look-a-like. The human folder would be the realistic drawings of humans. Sadly, I always end up with stuff that is somewhere inbetween the two concepts.

The easiest part will be all the stuff that has no humans in them. Thats just one big folder of "drawings. The "comic" folder will be pretty easy as well. Just now I checked what the other folders were and I realise now that I have one folder named "3D" Its kinda funny actually cause I haven't made anything 3D in maybe three or four years. So it really isn't that up to date anymore..

In other news, the sketch is a nice building on "the meir" in Antwerp. I had some spare time and thought it would be a good idea to draw it. Lots of the buildings over there have nice statues and images on them. Probably with a lot of history behind it. I could check out the true history, but I sorta like to make up my own. Its probably a lot more exciting then the real story.

15 May 2011

My new sketchbook

Not shiny, but still cool

It's that time again, time for a new sketchbook. The previous one, with a red cover has been in use for over a year now. I didn't think it would last that long, so I'm glad its finaly full. Time to overload it with lots of drawings and ideas. By now its my tenth sketchbook and as tradition dictates I've cut out a design in the cover.

Unlike last time I've stuck with only two colors (black and white) I thought about using paint to add another color, but the design didn't give me any options for that. Not that I really mind, cause I'm very fond of the cover this time. Its definatly one of the better covers that I've had through the years. I wonder how long it will take to fill this book.

13 May 2011

Ah it finaly works

This service is unavailable at the moment.

That's what it said to me yesterday when I tried to upload something on this blog. Yeah, that definatly made me happy, you see, now it wasn't my fault that I hadn't uploaded anything. So thats good news for once. Today is Friday the 13th. Pretty nice day i'd say. I haven't really gotten into any accident, and I have to say I've seen things today that only made me happy. This was by all means not a day of bad luck, as usual.

In other news, I discovered this cool thing on firefox 4. When you copy something like a link to a webpage you can "paste and go". Its saves you the trouble of having to press enter or clicking the green arrow. This is a pretty awesome addition to a webbrowser and I like it very much, especialy how they put it in dutch "plakken en gaan". Say that in a dialect and it sounds awesome.

08 May 2011

If only I could draw with my mind

I wanted to tweak it, but then I never got to it.

If I could draw with my mind I wouldn't have any troubles with making my ideas into a reality. But allas I don't seem to have any mindpowers yet, so for the moment a computer will have to do. Eventhough it is a very usefull tool to transform the smoke in my mind into a solid object in reality, it still has a lot of malfunctions. One of them is power, if you don't have the right amount of working force, a computer is useless.

For instance, a while ago I had made a drawing on the computer, nice inklines, lovely color and I thought I was done with it. But after saving and closing it I wanted to make a few modifications. But for some reason, the program didn't like to work with the same zeal as it did the first time. Which is a bit odd, and it isn't the first time this has happend.

Its strange that I can work on a drawing for hours in one hit, but when I've saved and closed it once, it is suddenly impossible to get the same level of horsepower out of the program. I'm sure there are some logical explenations for it, but whatever it may be, the endresult is still the same. Its not easy to make modifications on a drawing onces it has been finished. Which is sad, cause the frustration that it creates is holding me back to make some drawings just that itsy little bit better.

06 May 2011

Emergency signs

Moving back to thursday

To those who follow this blog, as you may have noticed I didn't update this tuesday, "why was that" you may wonder. Simply put, it might have been lazyness, though I'd like to say I was procrastinating a bit this week. Which leads to another point, I realised that I had written on the blogpage that I update on thursdays and sundays. But lately I haven't been doing that at all. So now, to stay true to those words, I updated on thursday (or friday now that I'm looking at the clock).

Before showing the comic of this weeks wulfcomix I'd like to mention that I noticed something today. The escape sign in the store where I work has this stickfigure running towards a door. Very normal I thought, until I looked closer. The legs of the stickfigure were so wrong, if such a person would be real they'd have one normal leg, and one really crazy f*ked up leg. very odd.

01 May 2011

Sunday morning

My morning started at 0:30 in the night I belief.

And what a start it was, the three "Lord of the rings" movies all in one go. The two towers was even the extended version. So when I finaly saw the words "the end" scroll over the screen I looked at the clock and saw it was 9:45. Once again I concluded that the last movie should have ended when everybody kneeled for the Hobbits. Everything after that was just boringly put there to make sure it was correct with the books.

Storywise the second movie was a a bit boring with the Ent-meeting and all the gollem stuff. I don't know why but it didn't get my interest. On the other hand, helms deep and the other action scenes were just one big yay and hooray. I know it has been said before, but damn, those are some gay hobbits. Put a man and woman in a romantic comedy togheter like Sam and Frodo and everybody will say, "Oh they'll end up togheter at the end of the movie"

There were also a few akward moments. You see, a lot of internet memes and stuff have used scenes from these movies. So whenever one of those scenes were shown I remembered that meme the same instant. Which can sorta kill the "seriousness" of certain scenes. But good movies nonetheless. *insert sketchy page*