20 March 2011

Made in asia 2011

Cosplayers are so much fun

Today I spend most of my time at "made in asia", its a nice convention with lotsa manga, animé, games, cosplayers gadgets poosters and other stuff. But most of all there are cosplayers. And thats the biggest fun of the convention. So many funny costums. There was a group who had themselves dressed up as characters from minecraft, including the pixelated items.

I think I saw alladin and the princes from the disney movie, some king and queen, a whole bunch of animé characters which are completly unfamiliar with me. What I did found to be hilarious was the costume of a little girl. She had a white skirt, blue skin blond hair and a smurf hat. She should have won a prize for that, so cool.

There were also a few people that I had met before at facts. It was nice to see them again. Also a classmate from years ago was there to cheer up the place. All in all it was worth spending my day over there. Even if I didn't really found anything that I wanted. Though there was a cool portal-inspired tshirt.

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