03 April 2011

Black hole vacuum cleaner

It was a tiny little bit to strong

The title and the little intro line are pretty much the entire explenation for the drawing below. At least its one of them you could give for it. Frankly it was just me trying to figure out how to draw something creepy. I'm not sure if its really creepy t all. Its drawn in my style which isn't that scary. I mean, I could draw a hideous monster and still make it look cute.

In other news, I had this crazy idea of not drawing for an entire month, which would have been the month of April of course. But since I had a few unfinished drawings left and one or two requests for which I had to be available I figured it would be smarter not to do my drawing break in April. I'll probably move the event to either next month or the month after that, not sure.

But I'm definatly doing it some month of this year, unless there is an awesome drawing oppertunity every remaining month of this year. Thought I belief it is highly unlikely to happen. But you never know, faith is always acting weird when I plan things. Talking about planning, I'm not sure if I should make plans for FACTS 2011.

Thought FACTS 2010 was very awesome and a cool experience all by itself I didn't get enough money out of it to cover all my expenses. So I'm not sure if I should try again this year. The financial stuff is holding me back, but the experience stuff is telling me to do it once more. So that's one thing I'll have to figure out sooner or later.

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