29 August 2010

Without lines

I Started out without guidlines, not sure if it stayed.

Lieven pointed out to me that it might be interesting to try out other techniques of drawing stuff. Like the way of not starting with "guidelines" sorta. Hard to explain so I'm not gonna try it. The piont is that I tried some other way of drawing stuff.

Not starting with a line but with a shadow around what I wanted to draw. Finally I ended up with some sketches that follow the flow of the music I was listening to at that perticular moment. The sound of a piano, or the flow of twinkel in a song. Stuff like that.

26 August 2010

Sucky 60th post

I've been at it for two days, but the time I spend on it actually drawing
is only 5 hours and 30 minutes.

I started out two days back, and though it would be a simple drawing, easy coloring, easy shading and so on. But then I had to change everything. I decided to give it color in the worst way possible and then I even started shading in the more detailed way. The lineart itself took 4 layers. Sketch, easy outline, more detailed, and final lines.

During the coloring proces I drew over the outline, so in fact I didn't have to spend a lot of time on the outlines after all. But that's what happens if you decide to start coloring in another way then planned AFTER the outlines are made. The big question is of course: what the hell did I do in those other 42 hours of those days.

Sleep is one of them. Work is another one, eating, watching the first Harry Potter movie, and some standard reading of the webcomics. Its clear to see that my failed deadline is my own fault and thus I'll have to live with the fact that post number 60 is a bit boring. But not to be alarmed, the drawing is definatly popping up in the next post.

But for now I'm just going to give this sneak peak of it. For now I still have the monster to shade, and then later on add some extra blured shadows and textures. Of course there has to be a color correction as well.

22 August 2010

Unfinished stuff

Actually I'm watching some comedy stuff by Russell Peters

Yeah, haven't got much to post for today, but as I made myself the promise to update every sunday and thursday I'll paste some sketches in here. The green one was suposed to become something serious. But I haven't gotten to it yet. Though I bet it'll probably end up in my sketchfolder. The folder in which I place all the drawings I once started but never finished.

That'll be all for today, next time it'll be a bit more. I'm sure of that.

19 August 2010


Apparently you don't have to be horselike to be a unicorn.

"Does anyone have an interesting idea to draw?" It seemed like a fairly normal question to post on facebook. I hoped to get some cool idea's for this wednesdays drawing. Luckily for me someone said I should draw baby unicorns. At first I was just thinking about the movie "Fantasia" with the little horses and that wine king.

But then she showed me a picture of what she apparently had in mind I had a second thought about it: "Thats new!" It was a humanoid figure with feet as hooves, and a horn on the head. But nothing else was like the regular image of a unicorn. This combined with the steampunk concept I had just seen the other day was too perfect not to use in a drawing.

So 5 hours laters in the middle of the night I ended up with this little succer. I used multiple layers of shadow, and somehow the figure had to be outside the box. Just like the concept.

15 August 2010

comics on the way

Rule number one with brushes: Experiment with different types.

That rule is definatly something I'd have to remind myself off once in a while. When I started working on the comicpage (shown underneath) I had my normal number of brushes that I've used for quite some time now. But soon I realised I needed to fix my brushes, tweak the functions a bit and even make brand new ones. Some didn't work out thought.

The technique of coloring this comic comes from the last update here. With that drawing I had the figure drawn in lines and colored like a comic character. But the background was with brushes and no outlines at all, yet still trying to be detailed. It is that style I'm trying to incorporate in this comic. Which is btw only two pages long. The big battle is on the other page.

Hopefully it'll turn out alright. The stuff I still need to do with the page underneath is mainly the colors and of course the three last frames. But once I have all the frames I'll bring some color to it all, hoping it'll work with the characters. My biggest fear at the moment is the fire. I'm not sure if I'll be able to color the white areas propperly. I'll have to see about that first.

12 August 2010

I keep on remaking stuff

What can I say, I like to compare the styles between old and new stuff.

Yeah, I decided to do another remake of an older drawing. In 2003 I made the following drawing. Three years later I made it again, but that time I had altered the colors of the character. This time however I stuck with the original colors. Though you might say that isn't completely true. Since I'm using less "BAMM ITS A COLOR" colors, but more balanced onces.

When you watch the "making off" speed drawing you might notice that I've spend quite some time on the hand at the right. Somehow I wasn't able to pull it off correctly, so I'm making a mental note to myself that I need to practise drawing hands again. With that I should also concider learning propper anatomy again. Cause it has been too long ago since I've practised.

08 August 2010

The wedding itself

Those were two awesome yesses I heard yesterday!

This saturday was indeed the wedding day of my best friend and his girlfriend. Two fine people who are sure to stick togheter like bees on honey. It was one bussy day with lotsa stuff happening, and frankly you had to be there to fully grasp what happend. So I'm glad I got to tag along that day as his witness. And I'm sure his photographers (friends from his school) had a blast too.

It is kinda odd somehow to see Lieven and Carla getting married, knowing that they are people of my generation, and in Lievens case, to see where he came from in life to end up where he is right now. The party was crazy too with all the relatives and friends who were present. The location was actually very nice too, a cozy white house with a fine dine/dance room.

Needles to say I haven't mentioned anything here yet, it would take me too many pages to write down all the stuff that happend. So for the rest of this blog I'll just post what little sketch I was able to put down in the second part of this week. But the wedding was definatly something to remember.

05 August 2010

Bachelor party lookalike

Going snowboarding is a good idea, not wearing gloves while doing it isn't.

So yeah, my buddy is going to marry this saturday and for that occasion we deviced a plan to go snowboarding. As a sort of bachelor party, without the strippers or the getting drunk. We did got to fall on our faces a few times. A good thing snow is sorta soft, but its still to cold for comfort. The day after, and right now, my body is still a bit aching. Maybe I should have stretched a bit.

On a drawing notice I got this little succer worked out. Took me an hour and 23 minutes to complete. This time however I started a bit different. At first I made a sketch of a spider on a road, walking its way. But it was just a boring old situation sketch. No special perspective. Then I did the good old "put camera's in the scene and check what they see".

This usually ends up in a sketch with five or more little triangles pointed in the direction that the camera is looking and then next to that a little square with the image that the camera is seeing. This allows me to choise the best frame, and to discover an angle I hadn't thought of at first. This time I only needed to draw one camera, for some reason it was enough to get me started.

01 August 2010

Pudding in my ears

This time the title has nothing to do with the subject.

I got my driving permit the other day and so I brought myself in the car and drove off for the first time all on my own. Definatly a fun experience to have. So I chose to go to the movies, thinking I'd be able to park somewhere close to the building. But apparently that wasn't going to happen.

When I got on the parking closeby I noticed every place was taken and all the other cars were just driving through it helplessly browsing the parkingspots. Driving off the parking place I started driving on the streets nearby which were just as packed with cars as the parking lot. "What is happening" I thought, "why are there so manny people around here?"

The awnser came with the smoke of weed in the air, lotsa youngsters walking around and the sound of beats coming out of the park on the other side of the lane. After parking on a sorta empty parking lot far away I started going to the cinema. I had to go through the park from which the music originated. Apparently there was a festival in it. I have to say the location was awesome.

Trees in the dark, little food and drink tents all around and then a big stage in a small opening in the park. To bad the movie didn't wait for me or else I would have stayed there for a bit longer. I got to see "inception" which is a cool movie, very nice concept and crazy to with all the dream layers on top of each other.

In another story, the sketch I made was sorta for the kids who were sitting behind me. I noticed by the shifting weight of my seat that they were sorta peaking over my shoulder, to know what I was drawing. So I decided to go for a cute little monster at sea. The double fun was when they had to get off the bus but were lingering as long as possible.