24 April 2011

My balpen skills

They're not as good as this guys skills!

I read about that guy in a little free newspaper on the train called "metro", it might have been somewhere else though. But it doesn't matter where I discovered these balpen drawings, the important thing is that it gave me the motivation to draw something in the same technique. Sure mine isn't as photorealistic as his, but mine is only A4 sized and has no reference whatsoever. But who cares about that anyway.

In other news: apparently spring has started again. A nice summer breese is flowing through the window and I hope it'll take a bit of this computer generated heat with him, or her. I'm not sure if the wind would be male, female or just plain genderless. But for the sake of imagination I'll go for female, cause really. Who wants to have a male wind burst through the window with an axe, a keg of beer and an "arrrrrr" while he trashes the place.

Then again, a female wind might be trouble as well. If she would slip in the room with the perfume she bathed instead of sprayed, nagging about the dirty clothes on the floor and complaining that the curtains don't match the carpet. Before you know it this female wind is transforming your room in a bubbly room of cutelsy.

So on second thought I'll go for the genderless wind that just flows inside the room carrying with it a sent of fresh mown grass, or newly blooming trees, or if I'm lucky the sent that comes up right before it is going to rain. Yeah, I can live with that one.

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