27 January 2011

Its a sound effect

Using a song might be better for your ears.

As it was ultimatly late today with the update I didn't think I'd find a song quickly, eventhough it wouldn't have to be very long. Instead I thought it would be a fun idea to give some comments myself during the movie of this thursdays update. Not sure if I'm doing a good thing by that, cause the quality of the recording is very bad, this highpitch sound is constantly buggin it.

It may seem like I was just talking without any preperation, but it actually took me five or more times to record a version that wasn't to bad. Some of the first were just filled with "euhms", and silences. But after a few times you get to find out what you want to say and make it sound like a fluent piece of text.

The drawing itself is just a sketch that I've made on the bus that I liked enough to color on the computer. I went very easy on the style and technique cause, as mentioned before, I didn't have that much time anymore. I'm getting a bit slacky on this blog, but hopefully it'll fix itself in the future.

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