28 November 2010

Stuff at work

Spaceships and posters galore.

A while ago, thats about three weeks ago there were two pieces of paper hanging on a wall at work. It was an advertising poster of H&M, they were both the same except for one thing. The first one was untouched, but the second one was altered. I had taken a marker and had drawn a few things on the second poster. Its what I do when I'm bord, I draw stuff.

Later on I upgraded it to a second level by actually drawing the pieces on clean paper, cutting them out and then pasting them on the poster. The result was funny and needed a few tweaks in clean cutting edge technology and some good tape to paste it on the poster. But now the wall needed room for new things and thus my lunchtime occupation had to go.

So I adopted the two posters and took them home with me, now I can finaly show them to the rest of the world. The funny thing is, the posters didn't survive for that long, only a month maybe, but there is one thing of mine that is still hanging around in the kitchen. A small "spaceship" I had made of some material I had found at work. Right now it is hanging on the roof, out of plain sight, and thus out of heart.

It has been hanging there for months now and I wonder how much longer it will last. I hope it'll stay there forever, so that one day somebody will sit in the kitchen, look up and see it, wondering what it is and who made it. Hopefully nobody will be able to awnser it, cause that would make it a mystery, which would be wickedly cool.

25 November 2010

That is sorta different

A walk down movie history lane.

Yesterday was an interesting day. There was work, but there was also burned pizza and two movies of waaaay back in the days. Pinochio and Bambi. I hadn't seen those movies since I was a kid. So being able to see them now was a rather interresting experience. Pinochio was a bit more evil then I remembered, the story in the movie Bambi was actually very, very, very basic.

But the skills and experience that you see in the movies is wicked. The water effects in Pinochio are amazing for that time. Not to mention all the effects off water and leaves flying and floating around. You have to keep in mind that it was all handdrawn. Not a single computer calculated those random bubbles or leafs. So that is some wicked skill and patience that went in those movies.

As for todays drawing, I've been a bit, "meh" about it. I had some lineart ready in my sketchbook, but I wasn't too pleased about it. I thought it might change once I had it scanned and inked on the computer, but nope. I generaly didn't like it that much so I just went crazy on the colors. I figured that the drawing is rubish anyway, so it won't matter what I do to it. So this is the result.

21 November 2010


The Quetzalcoatlus was almost as big as the T-Rex, a very impressive sight!

This saturday was spent in the company of a bunch of screaming little kids, another bunch of shopping mothers and fathers, and a really big shopping mall filled with skeletons and puppets of dinosaurs. That about sums it up really. I was sorta bored this saturday and when I got the oppertunity to go to waasland shopping center I gladly took it.

So once I had done the tour through all the shops that interested me (games/software/movies) I took my sketchbook and pencil and started drawing the items of the exibition. They had a whole bunch of skeletons of dinosaurs inside the hallways, a few small, a few medium (triceratops) and a big one (T-rex). It has been a long time since I saw dinosaur skeletons so I was pretty excited about it.

Now I had two options, either I'd sit on a bench and draw the things that I could draw from that place, or I could just sit on the floor in the middle of the hall and draw the big ones like the T-rex or the triceratops. But with a few experiences from other drawing times I was assuming that security would start fussing about if I'd just sit on the ground.

So I went for the first option and put myself on a bench, I even had to be a bit impolite and ask if I could sit on someones spot. The guy was sitting on the corner of the bench that had the only view to one of the skulls there, (the second sketch in the drawing) But he had a lot of extra space next to him so it didn't bother him.

A lot of people walked in front of the things I wanted to draw so sometimes I had to wait, or watch inbetween their arms and heads to see the subject. "Move away that guy is drawing it" is one of the sentences that I heard alot that day. At one point some little kid was sitting behind me and I guess my jacket was very interesting since he was fumbling with it.

But overall it was a succesfull hunt for sketches, I had planned to just sit down and maybe draw chairs or people or the hallway of the shopping mall, but instead I got to see and draw Dinosaur skeletons. So that was actually a pretty cool and lucky turn of events.

18 November 2010

The future is here

The only thing we ever wanted was to make our fantasies come true.

First off all, we are pretty darn close to a lot off ideas from the early science fiction movies. The communicators from star trek is our modern cell phone, doors that open and close automaticly was a concept introduced in early television series. Touch screens, motion controled software, flying to the moon, instant food, augmented reality and so much more that I can't think of right now.

But for today I'd like to focus on this one specific piece off technology.

  • projecting images/characters on a screen to make them appear like holograms.
  • Songs created with pre-recorded sounds and voices.
  • A concert that is made up from digital characters and music.
The "holografic" technology isn't really perfect yet and gorillaz beat them to it. It also isn't true 3D and although I can't speak from personal experience I don't think these projections have the 3D effect if you would walk past them from left to right.

I am amazed however by the enthousiasm of the audience. They chear and sing along with the music as if the person in front off them isn't an illusion. They accept the fact that this character and music is made off only digital information. Its funny how people used to complain about singers doing playback when you watch this digital concert at work. It is this idea that I'd like to present here now. Where is the line? When should we concider something authentic and when is it just plain cheating? I'm sure that a playbacking artist will receive a lot of hate mail. But the people behind this digital concert won't have to bother about those mails at all.

And as people always tend to do, they start learning and living with the new technologies.


Lets take this digital concert and combine it with this recording technology!

What can we create with these two ideas?
Imagine how a group could record themselves in a studio and then transport that image to a concert. At this concert they could project that image live on stage. I don't think it would work as well if it is prerecorded and just show while the group sits at home drinking some coffee. If they did that the fans would feel cheated and the hate mail would be right on its way.

No, for this to work properly I'm guessing that the group would have to perform "live" and it would have to be shown in more then one location at the same time. Or else the fans might not accept this use of technology. But if they do accept it there could show the same concert at the same time to hundred off different places all over the world. Sorta like watching a concert on TV, but only this time you can be still experience the feeling off a live concert.

If people would allow themselve to accept this sort off concerts and if they wouldn't feel that they Have to see the people in real life it might work. Of course the technology would have to be in perfect condition for that, but there are a lot off benefits to it. They could add a bit off extra flavor to the images, a little spoof here, a hint off special effects there et voila, a wicked, science fiction concert is born.

Even people who aren't into science fiction might concider this cool.

And best off all, its possible, the technology exists today! The only thing we need now is a bunch of crazy rich people to fund such a thing.

On a completly unrelated subject. I didn't plan on doing the thingy up above but coudn't resist after seeing the first clip. So I got stuck with that and a new drawing that I had planned to show. This leads to a really big update for today. I don't know why I'm not splitting it up over different days but somehow I can't do that cause it doesn't fit my schedual. ow well.

Katshar by ~wulfnstein on deviantART

14 November 2010

The rat mime

Having a spare is always a good idea.

I guess I could have shown these sketches a bit earlier this week, but its so much fun to have a few sketches in reserve for sundays. I had no stress or worries for todays update because the sketches were already resting in my sketchbook. Concidering this I reckon that I should do this a bit more, sorta like a plan B in case no sketches are born.

Of course there is one problem, its hard to keep up that pace sometimes. For instance, this thursdays update needs a drawing with a youtube clip again, but its not yet made, just like the sketches for next sunday. Sure I'll be able to shoot something down for it, but it would be nice if I had a bit of reserve from time to time.

So anyway, looky here, a rat mime and the flying pinguin who plays gitar hero. I think I mentioned these at the previous update. The rat mime can be explained by a sort of trailer for the movie tangled.

11 November 2010

Waterfall city

The wild goosechase for music.

This monday I went to the movies, no wait, I tried to go watch the movie "Despicable me". But it was in 3D. After experiencing a few movies in 3D I started noticing the flaws in the concept. When scenes are moving to fast they tend to go blurry and its harder to focus on nice details, well maybe that was only in the movie "alice in wonderland" from tim burton.

Since the other movies I wanted to see were dubbed in French I just walked out of there. Nothing worse then watching an english movie in another language. Subtitels! They have been invented for a reason!
Anyway, this gave me more then enough time to try some sketches and stuff. I came up with some random word combinations, like "rat mime" or "flying penguin playing gitar hero" and "city in a waterfall". I made a pencil drawing of those three ideas. But the last one really sparked my interest.

The next day (tuesday for those keeping track) I got to babysit the house (theres some rebuilding going on in the bathroom). This gave me plenty off time so I started drawing lotsa things on my computer. One of them being a digital version of the waterfall city. In the "making of" clip you can sorta see two parts. The first part where the colors are in normal daylight, and the second part when I changed it to sunset. These two parts represent the two days that I worked on the drawing.

The only moment that had more then one layer was when I first applied the orange color, but once that was settled I got back to working on one layer. It was also the first time that I worked on my other computer, my laptop, which doesn't have any of my custom made brushes. So that was another challenge that I had to work with.

In the end I dare to say it turned out rather nice. Sure there is always room for more details, maybe adding a little person running on the road or in the city somewhere, but I'll leave that for another moment somewhere in the future. The song that I used in the clip is quite awesome. The other works of Brian sadler are also wickedly amazing.

I thought he was another newground user so I didn't really pay attention to his status. Cause apparently he wasn't active on that site anymore. So I had to go on a wild google search to see if he had some other place on the web where I could notify him. You know, if I'm gonna use their music without asking first I might as well tell them about it, if they don't like it they can still ask me to remove it. But damn, it took me a while to find that site.

Now without further ado (or however you write that word) heres the stuff!

07 November 2010

level 3

Lets go and upgrade this stuff!

So lately I've been playing some heroes of might and magic, and in the game they use two levels for units, sorta. This level idea was inspiring and it kept me busy during my busrides. I tried to make some variations of different levels on random items. Sure it may not be the regular stuff like mages or weapons but thats the charm off it.

The thingy in thick black lines and the hole in the paper (see green arrows) are part of a little project at work. There are two advertising posters on the wall, one off them is untouched and the other has been smudged. Smudged with little objects that I've drawn and cut out of my sketchbook. With a little help of some tape I've pasted these things on one of the posters.

Now there is one poster with an added belt, elbow protectors, horns and a button. The other is still clean to make the comparison. I might have to take a photo of it in the near future.
Now lets see, the pencil in level three is half magical, like a digital brush but in real life. On the top left there are rollerblades, with level three being a hover rollerblade with jet engine propulsion, booya!

04 November 2010

So its november

Soon the sun will peep throught the clouds again.

But until then, in honor of my uncle/godfather who passed away last week, this link. And that's all I have to say about that.

The rest off this update will be as positive as possible. Showing the drawing of the Ladybug Princes I made earlier this week. It started as a quick sketch in photoshop that soon transformed in a fine drawing. I had a lot of trouble to find a decent balance between a lot of hair and a little hair. I can't say a balance was found.

Somehow there was some time to write a little background to this drawing, it isn't much, but at least its going to give you some inside information.
    " Princes Ladybug was a very sweet princes. She was always kind to her fellow man and never wanted to judge anybody. It was only natural that everybody around loved her. But despite her kindness she had this aching feeling that she didn't belong in the castle. The world of lords and ladies seemed too cold and empty. She needed something else. Through her window she saw the outside world and wished to be free, to be one with mother nature. To spread out her wings and fly through the sky.

    When finaly her 18th birthday had passed the moon was filling her room with a brightness she had never seen before. What was this feeling she had, this urge to go outside, to venture into the dark woods? Like a gentle wind was pushing her feet she couldn't help but tiptoe out of the castle. When she finaly touched the grass outside she knew what was going to happen.

    She took one more glance at her old house, realising she'd never be able to go back, then pressed on into the woods for her final transformation. "