16 January 2011

Less is more

Or so they say.

If you are familiar with the hundred words to draw list then you might also know that its hard to keep working on it. For me its a disaster, back in 2007 I found a list like that and wrote down the words in the hope I could make a drawing for each of the words in a short time. But I wanted to keep them togheter so I found myself a book with exactly a hundred pages, to fill each page with one drawing.

Right now its 2011 and I've only finished about 10 or less words so I might have to admit a small defeat for this one. But there is still a bit of hope lingering around the pages. I was able to make a drawing for two of the words this week. Number 41 "abandoned" and number 93 "iron" I'm still working on the last details for nr 93, so for now I'll post nr 41 here.

You may notice its in black and white, which is normal. For some odd reason I wanted to draw nothing but black and white drawings in that little book, the only other thing I could do was adding a bit of shadow with a pencil, but the rest of the lines had to be in black ink. I think it was supposed to help me complete the list a bit faster then normal. With a four year delay I might say the original idea behind it failed, but I still like the concept of having a book completly black and white.

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