13 July 2011

The cathedral

So yeah, its rather big.

The 3th of June I decided it was time to build a church in minecraft. I had found a few cool churches already on the internet from other people who had build some. Some of them being pretty amazing, others being normal and so on. But most of all they always felt too small for my taste. I wanted to find a church that was BIG. You know, the kind that makes you go, echooooo.

Besides, the smaller you build in minecraft the more abstract you have to make things. So I figured, "if you want something you gotta do it yourself". In Ms-paint I started to make a construction plan, one pixel for one block seemed ok to me. After the basic idea was put on paper I checked ingame how it would work out.
At first I had to find some mods, so that I could dig with ease and have an infinite amount of building material at my disposal. But once that was out of the way it was on to building, building, building.

The first 10 days of my quest were actually spent digging. I hadn't yet realised there was a mod that could help me dig out the entire place at the click of a mouse button. But after a hundred mega-dynamite-explosion I thought it was time to find something more efficient.

Thus the actual building proces started on the 13th of June. Which is by now 1 month ago. In that month I've spend on average 3 to 4 hours every evening. I'll probably need another month to finish it completly.

Maybe more, maybe less, depends on what time I'll have available. I do know that I've already used 64000 blocks of sandstone for the walls, 15000 noteblocks for the rooftiles and 3800 blocks of rail. I hid some rails inside the walls, to travel faster from one side to the other of the church.

For decorations I'm going with a game themed wall paper. I got a tetris one already on one floor, and I might go for a giant pacman at the center of the church. You might notice some pixelated images of games on the construction plan. But a lot of the images are to big to fit on the walls, so thats a bit sad. But i'll figure something out for that.

Right now the mid-floor is done and I'm going to begin work on the highest roof and the big tower in the middle. Including a big bell, maybe more if I have enough room. The biggest problem I have right now is height. If I take one wrong step and I fall down its death, and hopefully I didn't destroy the last spawnpoint. Though sometimes its usefull to just dropkill me and travel a big distence by just respawning at the right place.

Its little travel tricks like that which make life easy. I wonder what that would do to the world if we could travel like that in real life.

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