30 October 2011

Watching a movie

Time to spare

This sunday I went to the movies. Not just like that, but with a plan. You see, I wanted to see a movie in the cinema before 12 a clock, cause then we only have to pay 5,30€ instead of the 8,10€ I'd usually would have to pay. So off I went, happily to the busstation to catch the first bus I could find. This resulted in me being about an hour too early at the cinema.

With this much time I didn't want to just sit there all the time, just waiting. A good thing that I had anticipated this. With my sketchbook in my backpacman and a curious look on my face I walked a bit around the block, looking for some fun stuff that I could draw. After passing two women discussing something in front of a café, and walking through a small street with nothing but closed shops I arrived at a small square with three benches and some trees with yellow leafs.

I dropped myself on one of the benches and started making a drawing of the medieval tower. Fun fact: There was a hotel build around the tower. The people in the dinning room had a view off the tower if they looked outside. Before I went back to the cinema I had the basic idea sketches out on paper.

The movie itself was "The adventures of Tintin, the secret of the unicorn" Being from Belgium myself I just love the idea of hollywood making a movie about a character that was made by a Belgian. Of course I hoped that they wouldn't destroy it by hollywoodifying it. But after seeing the movie I was fairly pleased. Though I guess I missed the original soundtrack a bit.

The graphics were very sweet, and althought the story in the movie is a mix of different comics it wasn't bad. There were a few moments where you could notice that the part was added by the American "we need action" idea, but all in all I left the cinema with a good feeling about the movie. I'll definatly be curious about the next Tintin movie.

Now, to continue the story of the day. After the movie I went back to the medieval tower, to draw all the details. Sadly the bench that I had used earlier was occupied. Nothing that couldn't be fixed by wasting some time with walking around a church that was just sitting there on the other side of the square. So when the bench was available again I continued.

I still find it both funny and annoying when people start looking at me drawing. The annoying part is that I feel watched and judged. Though I guess that is not so bad after all. The funny part is that they all try to be inconspicuous about it. Walking behind my back, looking over my shoulder, or just walking a bit closer to steal a glance of the drawing.

Normaly I would have spend an extra two hours on the drawing, but when I felt the first drop of rain hit my hand, I stopped drawing and decided it was time to go home. The only thing I still had to draw was the tilles on the roof, but I fixed that while I was sitting on the bus. Which isn't allways that easy when the busdriver likes to take sharp turns.

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