08 May 2011

If only I could draw with my mind

I wanted to tweak it, but then I never got to it.

If I could draw with my mind I wouldn't have any troubles with making my ideas into a reality. But allas I don't seem to have any mindpowers yet, so for the moment a computer will have to do. Eventhough it is a very usefull tool to transform the smoke in my mind into a solid object in reality, it still has a lot of malfunctions. One of them is power, if you don't have the right amount of working force, a computer is useless.

For instance, a while ago I had made a drawing on the computer, nice inklines, lovely color and I thought I was done with it. But after saving and closing it I wanted to make a few modifications. But for some reason, the program didn't like to work with the same zeal as it did the first time. Which is a bit odd, and it isn't the first time this has happend.

Its strange that I can work on a drawing for hours in one hit, but when I've saved and closed it once, it is suddenly impossible to get the same level of horsepower out of the program. I'm sure there are some logical explenations for it, but whatever it may be, the endresult is still the same. Its not easy to make modifications on a drawing onces it has been finished. Which is sad, cause the frustration that it creates is holding me back to make some drawings just that itsy little bit better.

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