22 May 2011

Cleaning up a bit

Woops, forgot about that.

With "that" I mean a mountain of drawings that I have lying around on my computer, but not yet ordered in the correct folder. So right now (after this blog actually) I'm going to be sweeping through them all and put them in the correct folder.

Its going to be "fun" again, deciding what is concidered "little humans" and what "humans". The original idea was that little humans would be any cartoon-like human, or chibby look-a-like. The human folder would be the realistic drawings of humans. Sadly, I always end up with stuff that is somewhere inbetween the two concepts.

The easiest part will be all the stuff that has no humans in them. Thats just one big folder of "drawings. The "comic" folder will be pretty easy as well. Just now I checked what the other folders were and I realise now that I have one folder named "3D" Its kinda funny actually cause I haven't made anything 3D in maybe three or four years. So it really isn't that up to date anymore..

In other news, the sketch is a nice building on "the meir" in Antwerp. I had some spare time and thought it would be a good idea to draw it. Lots of the buildings over there have nice statues and images on them. Probably with a lot of history behind it. I could check out the true history, but I sorta like to make up my own. Its probably a lot more exciting then the real story.

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