20 January 2011

I need a new computer

Cause seriously, how else am I going to play Bioshock Infinite

Which seems to be another game in the bioshock serie and damn does it look sweet. A flying steampunkish city with the gameplay of bioshock. If it were any cooler even God would praise this game. Of course my opinion might be biased cause I love steampunk and I love the Bioshock/System shock gameplay, but it still looks awesome in the trailer.

The weird part is that I've only discovered this today, probably has to do with me not being very focused on games in the past few months. This week I've been playing some unreal tournament 2003 again online. I know its an old game but my computer is about six years old, which could be concidered antique for a gaming computer.

But its still a good computer for drawing and playing the older games, and yes I know, apparently I haven't finished any drawing today. For some reason the title of this blog seems appropriate this time. Its odd though, I have a drawing in the making but I just can't seem to finish it up, and yet I'm very motivated to see it finished.

Maybe the anticipation is making my work go slower. Cause I'm constantly thinking its not going to be as good as I imagine its going to be and therefor I get a bit disapointed. But I supose I'll just have to be happy with a less then perfect drawing, even though I wish I could make it freaking awesome.

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