30 December 2010

Post number 100

Its also the last post I'll make in 2010, talk about fine coincidence!

Luckily for me the last update of the year is on a thursday, the day that I upload a colored drawing officialy and unofficialy I also upload a "making of" clip from it. It would have been a bit dissapointing if the last update would have been on a sunday. That would have led to me uploading a sketch only, just for the principle of following my update scedual.

"But surely you could draw something special for the last update of the year if that was the case" said Michael and looked at me with question and smugness glooming in his eyes. "Read the title of the blog boy, 'procrastinations' is the keyword" I replied while pointing at the screen "I don't DO overtime."

Ok, so maybe it didn't go like that at all, but I do keep a strict scedual on my updates and I would have a hard time breaking the rithme that I'd have going over here. Maybe this is one of those weird little things that I might have, but hell it helps me with keeping this blog updated, even when I don't feel like doing so.

Like this update, sure it looks sorta ok, but I could still work on the drawing. A few more hours of handywork on it would probably make it that much better, but I'm a bit on the late side with my update and so I stopped working on it when I had a pleasent feeling about the drawing and started the upload proces.

26 December 2010

Thats a whole bunch of snow

Christmas sure is white this year.

I don't think I've seen that much snow in Belgium ever, global warming é. Its fun though, all the people cleaning the street in front of their house, others falling down, and even more trying to push a car out of the snow. Such fun, especialy since I don't have most of those problems. Though I have improved my balance skill with 2 points.

My "walking through snow" skill has improved a whole 3 levels I belief. After spending about 2 hours in the snow, going to work by foot, you get a good idea on how and where to put your feet in the snow. Its really cool to see your feet disapear in a pack of fresh snow. And yes, my trust in the public transportations has diminished a whole level as well.

Anyway, sketches:

23 December 2010

Me on fanart

Once in a while you need to brake a rule.

Normaly I don't like to make fanart and post it on the net. The biggest reason for this would be the fact that it is just easy advertising. For example: its very easy to make a drawing about something popular, a fancy action hero, a famous singer or actor, a wicked character from a movie and so much more. Posting it on the internet is a guaranteed win.

I'm sure that a drawing of superman will have it easier to be discovered then a drawing of something completly unknown. Sure the second could be better then the fanart on a mere artistic value level. But the fact remains that more people will do a search for "superman" then they will for "guy with glasses"

This is sorta the reason why I don't want to make fanart, if people watch my drawings and like it I want them to like it for the fact that my idea is fun, or that I drew it in a wicked way. If they only like it because their favorite character is in the drawing, I tend to have the feeling that the appreciation isn't a 100%. Sure I may be nitpicking, but that's my opinion about fanart and its popularity.

So frankly, when I drew "Superman" it was completly against my own rule. Luckily I have an excuse, cause one of my collegues did a request for it, so I cannot be blamed for it.

19 December 2010

Do I feel lucky

Back in the days when movies were still staged.

I like to make little comic pages, like the one below, you won't hear me say that I'm any good at it, but that doesn't really matter. The comic over here is a little parody on the dirty harry movies. I'll have to admit that I haven't watched any of the movies in a long time, so its only natural that I have the character wrong and since I draw this on the bus I had no reference for the gun. PS: Wow internet sure took a big bite out of the quality, Damn! :o

16 December 2010

The clock is ticking

The numbers, they keep on staring at me!

Last time that I checked my folder of finished stuff I noticed there were about 944 drawings, photomanipulations and animations in it. This is all digital works from the past ten years. So somewhere in my head a little voice was screaming: "Duuuuuuuuuuude, why the hell don't you have at least a thousand files in that folder?"

I'll have to admit it does bug me a little bit that I won't reach the thousand drawings by the end of 2010, the only way it seems possible is to work full time on it for the next 15 days. But that means I'll have to produce 56 drawings. That's 3,73333... drawings a day, or to make it easy, 4 drawings a day. When I say drawings, I actually mean digitings (digital drawings).

Of course I could reach the quota by making four quick sketches every day, that take me no longer then half an hour, but that is not what I want to fill my folder with. Somehow it feels bad to lower the quality for the sake of quantity. But then again, my mad obsession with numbers and meaning might push me towards that last resort. In the meantime I'm just making drawings of an hour of two each.

12 December 2010

Baby comics

Working with irl-paper, just to get the hang of it.

Right now I have this idea sketched in MS-paint, yet I can't help but think that it is impossible to get the right feeling of the idea with this software. So I'm going to use irl paper and try to work out the idea that way. Using a central sheet as the basic of it all and then drawing lines outwards. Each line will "go" towards another piece of paper on which I'll make the specific details I have in mind.

That way I'll be able to spread out all the papers on the floor (what little space I still have available in my room) and get a general overview of the concept I'm trying to figure out. The main reason why I'm not giving away too much details is because I just don't have any. I'm only in fase number one. The "Ooh, I could make a comic" one.

A comic unlike the ones that are on this page of course. These three "comics" have no story, no logic, no "whatever it is that makes a comic good", but they have charms and a my artistic personna has a special warm fuzzy feeling for these little baby comics. Baby comics, I like the sound of that.

09 December 2010

Making xmas cards

Another year of drawing Santa and a pine tree.

Its almost Christmass time and thus its also time to send a little card to friends and family. A few years ago I had an animated card. This year, I figured I could try to make something special again. At least not just something 2D and non-moving. But as this brings the difficulty level from "piece of cake" to "Djeezus dude, what the f***" I realise I might need a backup plan.

So that's what the drawing below will be, a backup plan in case I can't finish the difficult X-mass card for this year. Another challenge will be making an analog paper version of it. Cause apparently I got myselve in a situation where I promised to make an irl xmass card, not just a digital quick thingy that I can easily send to a lot of people.

05 December 2010

snowy traffic jam

Santa vs Sinterklaas

So I was stuck on a bus for an hour or more this week. Apparently the snow came as a shock to all the drivers on the road. The way to work was a slow ride through a traffic jam that lastet for way to long. Its a good thing that I took a bus earlier, or else I wouldn't have been "just in time".

But you know, an entire hour on the bus isn't so bad when you have a sketchbook with you. To bad that I didn't know what to draw. For once I had the time to drawon the bus and just then I hadn't a clue. I did manage to draw a shoe skiing but I think that is the highlight of it. The bottom sketches are about Sinterklaas being attacked by a suitcase.

02 December 2010

Tetris in the snow

Any excuse to play in the snow is a good excuse, but do wear gloves.

Its not something you see here every day, but the past few days it has been snowing up here. Last year we had a great winter with lotsa snow. Also a lot of slippery roads which weren't a help back then cause it stopped me from learning to drive the car. But this year I don't care anymore. Now it doesn't matter if it snows for weeks. I sure wouldn't mind a white x-mas.

Besides, now I can draw in the snow. The first snowing has already been made and covered again. So tomorrow I'll make a second snowing. Just like I did last year. Btw, sorry for the peeps who can't check out the photos cause they aren't on facebook or whatever other reason.

But on to other things, like drawing stuff and making movies and showing them over here bundled togheter and actually not being sure if anyone actually sees it but not really caring about it cause I'm just using this blog as an excuse to constantly make drawings and suddenly thinking I might as well just paste it on facebook since that site is like the public advertising board in the middle of the townsquare.