28 April 2010

Cavestory is cool

And to think I used to say I'd never make fanart.

Yes, fanart. I made some fanart again. This time I made some for the game "Cavestory". I can't say enough how much I appreciate that game. Its an indie game. Made by one person, over a period of five years. It looks retro, but it plays like a modern game, with good music, story, action and multiple endings. And even though it might look cute, the difficult level of its endbosses is anything but cute.

That being said, I havn't yet been able to kill the final, final endboss. Which will give me the best ending of the game. The other endings are nicely fitting in the game too. But its funny to see the level of hardness. Lets write it down in a timeline.

:start:> ah easy, tough bossgetting tricky, holy crap evil boss, oh my god :o, ...not possible<:end:

And when I entered the last level all the previous stuff seemed like childs play. But don't worry, its not that hard after all, you just got to get used to it. After that has happend it actually is a pretty fair game to play.

But moving on to the fanart. I can say that the sketch was rough in pencil form, and when I inked, it was still full of mistakes, notice the words on the left. They indicate what I still had to change when I went digital.

And notice the panic face of Curly. That was definatly not in cue with her character.

Curly Brace and Quote fishing by ~wulfnstein on deviantART

25 April 2010

The bus will soon be here

A lot can happen when you stay at one place, waiting for a bus.

This saturday I went to another town nearby. Thinking to myself: "I'm sure I'll find it in that shop". I was looking for masking paint. Cause it would make the work on one of my paintings a lot easier. Sadly enough they didn't have what I needed. So I'll either have to go look for it somewhere else or I'll have to make due without it.

Without my price I returned back home. So when I was at the busstop I saw that it was canceled because of some work on the streets. I walked a bit further to the next busstop, and the next one and even the next one, and after that one I got to a point where the bus was again stopping. It might sound like a loooong way, but it was just a walk around the town. One quarter of a circle.

When I got to that busstop I saw the bus driving away from it. So I had to wait for the next one. Which eventually came an hour later. I didn't know that at the time since there was no timetable there. So I waited. And during that time I saw the police stop at the motorbike shop behind me. They arrived with only a car but left with a car and a motorbike.

But the funniest I saw was the thing I have marked with the green arrow on the sketches. From around the corner I saw a man pushing a wheelbarrow. And in the wheelbarrow was a little kid. They stopped a few meters in front of me and started working in a small patch of garden. And the little kid was like the assistent. Helping as best as he could. At the end they left in the same way. The little kid in the wheelbarrow that was pushed by uncle Eddy. For that was what the kid called him.

And when the bus arrived I stood up from the ground and left the little live-stage.

22 April 2010

Jimmy "oneleg" the pirate

I hate it when I'm drawing and suddenly photoshop crashes,
for no apparent reason!

While the drawing below was being constructed I had a stupid crash of photoshop. For no reason what so ever the helpfile opened when I chose a color. Sure I moved my pen a bit odd, but still. Even if I accidentally opened something. Why on earth would it want to crash just by that.

So I lost a lot of my work that I had done. Let me tell you, if it is very late you don't like that. A good thing it was late enough or else I would have been swearing way to loud. But yeah, can't wake the people here now can I.

Anyway. I made it this wednesday evening. I could have uploaded a Ninja Ferret, but since I don't want to get the label of being lazy I made a new thingy. Ow well it has been a fruitfull two days. Ninja ferrets and flying pirates. Great stuff.
I wonder if I could combine it...

18 April 2010


Maybe I got a little bit inspired by "How to train your dragon".

Just a little bit really. *looks innocent* The pencil sketch of the top left dragon was hardly anything like the inked version. I altered the eyes and the legs completly. And the ink version looks cuter and more acceptable then the pencil version. The other dragons are a bit more lizard snake like. Definatly not as Dragon as I had thought they would turn out to be.

The woman was drawn from a beautymagazine at work. When I first looked at it, I thought that she was just another of those good looking models without any imperfections. But on a closer look it appeared that her ears had no earlobs, which I found very perculiar. And her nose, the tip of it was very flat too. Those were some things I only noticed after I had started drawing.

So I think that a saying I once read somewhere is true. "To draw something is to truely look at it". Or something like it. Only when I paid attention to how the lines were going I noticed how they were not going in the "regular" way that the body was suposed to go. Now after I made the sketch I sorta made an ink version of it where I filtered out the realism stuff and went for a more cartoon style.

And if you ever lose at a cardgame just get a dragon to fix your problem.

15 April 2010

Easy drawings are easy

When you dance, don't care.

This wednesday was rather interesting. I spend some time on a drawing and making a recording of it. Again. I find it a bit odd that I made a full body figure and then cropped it down a fricking bunch, deleting a lot of my work. Not that it was that hard. The drawing didn't ask that much attention and it was done fairly quick. Frankly I shouldn't even post it on Deviantart I supose. Yet somehow I can't resist the urge to post it.

Notice the socks. If you watch the speed making off you'll see that the socks are actually way to large for the little dancer. This is something that comes from me. Most of my socks are also to long. My excuse is very simple. They are large, so I don't have any trouble slipping into them. And frankly I hate it if my sock are to small and my feet have to suffocate themselves to get in my socks. That's why I like to wear larger socks. And just like you should do while dancing, I don't care about what other people think about my big socks.

11 April 2010

A day to the cinema

I wonder if the bus would stop for plants?

Today I went to the movies. To watch hickup do his thing in the movie "how to train your dragon. On my way there I was sitting on the bus and noticed a peculiar thingy on the other side of the road. At one of the busstops I saw some plants, waiting for the next bus. Not a single human in sight, so they must have been old enough to travel alone. I wonder where they were going.

While I was waiting I sketched a little bit. There was this poster of a new movie, "kick ass" I think its called. I tried to get it on paper. Some sort of batman like figure. It failed like hell and so I tried my own version of it. Today I did make a lot of sketches, but I dont think any of them really will be worthy of a greater title. But hey, its practise.

08 April 2010


A request is just a request.

Some time ago I was asked to draw some original characters. Were at first I was a bit reluctant to do so I did gave in to my curiosity. Its always interesting to see how a character of someone else turns out in your own style. So that was an extra motivation to draw it.

Though I'm not completely pleased with the endresult. It feels that something is missing, but I don't know what. I did try a new thingy with this drawing. I made the outlines fade out when they go towards the edges of the drawing. It felt right that way.

And I've been listening to some soulsister songs today. Made in Belgium, but yet its not to bad. Check it out if you need.

04 April 2010


I've been in a Terminator mood today.

This morning I woke up and started browsing the internet a bit. After a while I bumped on this little bugger. Made by pogo or something I think. A nice song compiled by little sounds from the movie. Check out his other stuff. There's a lot of different songs for lotsa movies.

Automaticly I got the urge to watch Terminator 2. It has been a long time since I've seen it. Unlike what you might guess I don't have the DVD. Today I watched that movie on VHS. Yes an old video cassette. Frankly, the quality of the youtube clip was better then the VHS. So I'm making a mental note here to myself to buy the DVD.

In a few minutes I'll be watching the third Terminator movie. I mean, if I'm watching, I might as well watch the other. But before I do I'll just post a little sketch I made between the two movies.

Yeah, it's been a bit harder this week to update decently. But on to the future of good udates.

01 April 2010

April 1th, lets fool around

When I was your age we had to draw a gradient, pixel by pixel.

hehehe, its always fun to act like an old fart. But seriously, check this one out. That was a gun I drew on paper, got it scanned somehow and then colored it in Ms paint. Not photoshop, but good old Ms paint. And that whif of smoke at the front of the gun is a smooth gradient.

That means I had to take a color, draw one line of pixels and repeat the proces but with a lighter color. And so on until I had the entire smoke cloud done.

Thinking back on it I find it hilarious that this was THE most awesome thing I had drawn back in the day. This is from august 28th 2001 btw. Still using "windows 98" I was 16 years old. Wauw that's pretty bad for that age actually.

Only a year later I saved the next little drawing on my hard drive. Notice the big computer screen. That's done with the grafiti tool, also Ms paint. And yes those were some darn special effects I had drawn. The original of this was on the back of my calculator. Which I had first pasted with paper. Its still on there, but it really doesn't look alive anymore with the ink faded out and colors disrupted and most of the sides rugged and torn off. But its still on the calculator.

Next up we got another beauty from the old box. Though the file says its from 2003 I don't really believe it. I discovered photoshop 3 or 5 in the year 2002. And this desktop drawing was done before my great photoshop era.

I'm sure manny of you know the joke of taking a screenshot of the desktop and then putting that screenshot as the computers background. Well I sorta went with that but I didn't mind people realising there was something obviously wrong. Come to think of it I actually wouldn't mind making a new version of it.

Yes I have once learned to type the 3l1te l4ngu4ge. I learned about it via Megatokyo, which was/is a pretty good webcomic. I wouldn't know anymore since I stopped following it. The second file in that folder contains some coding of simple program toys in acces. I think one of it was in fact a translator for l33t. Drop in normal text and get it out in l33t. Pretty nifty. (geek alert) And the clock, it 6:66.

And for the last one I'll show you my very first drawing ever that I made with a wacom tablet. That was April 28th 2004. Also 6 years ago by now. Before that I had to draw everything with a mouse. Yes a bloody mouse. I can tell you ever since I plugged in that wacom tablet I don't think I have ever drawn anything with a mouse ever again.

It is amazing that my very first wacom tablet is still working as it should. Sure the button thingy falls off from time to time, but it still works perfectly. Thought today I only use it on my laptop, instead of a mouse. For my drawings I use a bigger wacom which I had bought a few years ago from a friend.

And those extra buttons on the bigger wacom really help speed up the drawing proces. Well, I hope you all enjoyed this little travel back in time. Next time I'll be back to the regular scedual.