13 February 2011

Looking back again

Though not as succesfull as I had hoped.

While I was cleaning one of my corners in the room I had to move a few of my folders filled with drawings from the past. The problem however was that I opened one of them, which meant I was lost in looking through all of them. I can't help it, I just love to browse through my older drawings and see what I made back then.

My first idea was to post one of the older drawings for todays update, but in a way it felt like cheating cause I still had enough time to make a sketch today. So I went for the good old comparison drawing. Picking an old one and making a newer version of it. There were a lot of candidates but I went for an old 2003 drawing with a character that was influenced by megatokyos (girl with big crazy gun) style.

In my opinion the face has improved, and I love the new gun I drew, but the body of the 2011 character just doesn't have the shwoong that it needs. The 2003 one has more shwoong but the weapon is not as cool as the 2011 one. And it definatly doesn't have the same shwoong as the megatokyo version. So in retrospect I'm thinking I should have drawn the character a bit more cartoony and maybe I should have added a bit more to the outfit as well. But it was still nice to make a new big crazy weapon with lotsa tools and gadgets on it.

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