01 July 2010

Sketchy business

Working for a company tires me down sometimes.

Like today for example. Today I'll be kicking the dust early enough, since the sales are starting today. Lotsa crazed woman looking for clothes as cheap as possible. Yesterday we prepared for it, in the smothering heat of the store since the airco shut down after the shop closed. Waking up so early both sucks and thrills me. Its way too early, but it'll be a long day that feels used, not wasted.

So yesterday evening, after coming home at 20:54, I didn't really feel like making a big colored drawing. Thus these two sketches were born. Real quickies that I only gave about 15 minutes. But I did film my desktop while making the second one. So at least I got another speed painting to show. Well I'm off to work, off to madness!

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