11 July 2010

Hot hot hot

Its a heatwave up here!

The temperature up here has been way to high the past few days. I don't mind good weather, but this is just crazy. Last day when I went home after work I got a treat of pure heatness. I got on the bus and put my ass down on one of the seats in the back. The seat was boiling hot. At first I thought someone had sat on it and it was still warm. But when I switched seats I knew it was just the bus being boiled beyond cooling!

So as a last hope I sat in the back where there was a draft from a hole in the roof. When the bus was driving the wind cooled me down a bit, but everytime it stopped at a red light the temperature just rose to the tops. The sketch on the right was made during that busride. It portraits the bus being on fire. Which is sorta how hot it felt to me.

A funny part of that busride was when the busdriver stopped at a station for the bus. He got out and put his head under water. So when he got back on the bus, his head was dripping wet. "ah, that felt good" was his remark. That must have been the best idea ever for a busdriver.

In retrospect I think it must have been crazy for the next clients. Cause for them it could seem like the busdriver had been sweating all day. On the left are just a few sketches from one of the churches near my job. Nothing special, except that there was a stone in the corner that was pointed in a strange position. Those churches can really defy the logic of building a house sometimes. But that is what makes them so fun to watch and draw.

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