27 June 2010


Apparently one can squeeze in a drink with collegues if necesary.

This Friday after work I went to Lieven, and thanks to Tim's driving we got there in no time. Fun as it was, there wasn't as much place for rest. Saturday after work I went to a birthday party of Ellen. But before that I just found the oppertunity to squeeze in a bit of time for my collegues. They went for a drink after work and frankly it was fun to join them.

The birthday party was interesting enough and lasted long enough to make us see the early bird. Which gave me once again very little time for any sleep (insert no time at all). It was a good thing that I had already made a little sketch for this sundays update. Or else there might have been some real trouble for this update.

And oh look, its the way-to-big-a-pants-with-wacko-gun dude. He's fun.

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