04 July 2010

3 hour project

Other people always give you ideas you never thought off in the first place.

So today Lieven had the idea to get me into his 3 hour project. It includes a subject and 3 hours of time that you keep working on it, making something that revolves around the subject. So he gave me the mission to make a piece for a cd-cover, and I told him to go for coffee stuff. I got inspired by the expresso that he had made before.
So I started with some random lines, but soon got to the idea of using the equaliser from those music players. It seemed like a good way to portrait music. After a while I made those things break up and let them turn into flying stuff. Which soon was a bird of some kind. A bird with the equaliser in his wings. And then it went on from there to produce the following thingy.

Though we didn't really spend three hours on our subjects today. Mostly because there wasn't enough time. But we did get to play some funny computer games. The older ones. The kind where pixels are actually visible, though I guess the youngsters won't know what I'm talking about. Since we didn't have gamepads we used two keyboards on one computer, which seemed to work just fine.

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