21 July 2010

Adventure games

Look out behind you, a three headed monkey!

I've played my fair share of adventure games. Day of the tentacle, Monkey Island1 & 2, Myst, and a lot of demos from indie game adventures and so on. The old ones were fun with their pixelated styles. It gave me the option to imagine more then what I saw. Of course with graphics of today, everything looks just way more awesome.

So this drawing was inspired by adventure games. I figured, drawing a background would be a fun thing to try. Day of the tentacle was obviously the inspiration for this one, with the house on the top of a hill. Though I don't think they had an iglo in that game. In this game however there would be an eskimo sitting on the edge of the iceplate, trying to catch a fish in the grass.

I'm guessing some sort of mad scientist has invented a machine to bring stuff from one place on the planet to another and in his first attempt he just transported the poor chap from the chilly northpole to that european landscape. How to bring that eskimo back would be a subquest for the main character. Of course after having investigated the iglo. And after grabbing every possible item in it.

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