29 July 2010

Drive that car

While driving keep your arms and legs inside the vehicle at all times.

This monday I had my first go for the driving test. I failed horribly. My stress level was beyond the radiation level on venus. Which resulted in me trying to start in second gear and failing three times at it before I was even on the road. Let me tell you that the examinator wasn't too pleased about that fact. That and the crossroad that I crossed in an evil way.

But today I was well prepared, completely stressless and better used to the car. Plus I knew what I had done wrong and was sure not to make the same mistakes again. Which I luckily didn't. No this time I succeeded in my test, though I have to say it was a funny trip that day.

On this ride I was treated with a lot of normal things happening. Trafic lights staying on red for an eternity. Little girls pressing on buttons to turn on red lights so that they can safely pass the crosswalk. Cars coming from the opposite direction in very tiny streets. Garbage trucks being parked at the other side of the road blocking my way and a lot more crazy stuff.

But from now on I too can become a danger on the road. In other news, I wasn't very inspired by the events of the day to draw and late at night I had to try three times before I got something that is moderately ok. While drawing this I spend way to much time on the space. I should find a new way to draw space. The trick I use now just doesn't do it anymore for me.

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