18 July 2010

Story time

The story of three little mice.

"Yesterday, when you weren't looking, a little mouse sneaked into your room. The hole behind the detached wooden plint was his way into your sanctuary. The little mouse didn't realise you were too focused on your homework to notice him. Yet he was very attentive for any sudden movements you might have made.

Carefully it sniffed around the air. Searching for that one special treasure. Something that you were not allowed to take back to your room. Cause mother doesn't like it when you take food upstairs. But when she hadn't been paying attention, you had crawled into the kitchen. Just as silent as the little mouse had snuk into your room.

Of course you didn't need to snif around like the little mouse. You knew exactly where to find the little snack. The mouse however had to try a bit harder. But as you had been guided by knowledge, the little mouse was guided by its nose. So don't be too surpriced about the crumbs you just found instead of that delicious cookie your mother had baked the other day. "

And that is a little story I have been writing on the bus. I ended up with 4 versions. The two first ones are shown here. The others are just text, but these two have little sketches I made during the writing. They also have most of the changes and corrections I made during the writing proces. Its just me practising a bit on writing, I thought it would be fun to try it once.

Who knows, maybe I'll write some more in the future, I have a whole notebook of 40 pages available. Though I don't think I'll be as good as good ol' Arthur C. Clarck. But its still fun to write. And with this story I like how it turned out to be a "you" perspective instead of an "I" or "him". Oh and see if you can figure out who or what the two other mice are.

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