15 July 2010

Crazy days sometimes

Yesterday had a painfull opening, but a funny intermission.

The ending was kinda normal, without any special plottwists that makes you wonder why you watched the first part anyway. The painfull opening was me getting my hand hurt in some extention on a shop rack. The flesh of my hand got stuck between some iron, only for 1/4 of a second, but long enough to crush it.

After the obligated curses and revenge-kick against the shop rack I continued working. First rather annoyed by the pain, but after a while I figured it was just another experience in life. So while I'm typing this I don't even mind it that much anymore. I only hope it wont turn out to be a nuisance while I'm drawing.

Luckily I had some fun when I went home from work. After a few days of burning heat the skies finaly decided to drop some rain on us. Boy was I pleased to see the customers run in the store and seeing how the raindrops went at least a meter inside the shop. Good old rain flushed the floor so hard my collegues were even cleaning it up a bit.

Supricingly it didn't rain when I was walking to the busstop. But the rain that had fallen before had left a big pool at a parkinglot. A pool of 3 by 6 meters, on the right a supermarket and on the left a big old church. Its clock told me I still had a few minutes to kill before my bus would arrive. So when I walked passed the pool I had this feeling, no, an urge, a need to walk through the pool of water.

After doing what I did I came to a funny conclusion. I'm not impulsive enough to just jump in that pool, splashing about like a mad kid. I am however mad enough to stand still, contemplate the concequences of jumping in with my shoes on. Then figuring I had better take off my shoes, remove my socks and go through the pool barefoot. Feeling the cool water and dirt between my free toes was a funny experience.

When I finaly arived at the busstop I only had to wait for a minute or two for my bus.

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