08 July 2010

I'm rather sleepy today.

Its very odd when you wake up in the afternoon thinking it is morning.

So yesterday there was a "gaming" night with some friends. Gaming being just hanging out mostly. Playing some risk, halo3 and watching some Gabriel Iglesias. But in the end all that stuff kept us busy for the entire night. That of course was the start of me being very tired and taking a "nap" in the afternoon.

That nap ended in a rather lenghty sleep. Many of you might have had that moment too, where you wake up and you have no clue of where or when you are. Thus, while I was in that moment I just figured, "hell its probably morning and I have to go to work. But wait, its already light, Oh no, I overslept!" Its a good thing my memory got back when I checked my clock and it was blinking 17:25.

As for the drawing of today, I had this one in my "still working on it" folder for the last seven or more days. It really needed to be done soon. It started out as just some random circles that I drew on the paper. Call it lazyness or geniusness, but the circles were to good to be removed so I stuck with it and made this crazy landscape.

Its grass on spheres that float in the air. Sorta like those lava-lamps but only the bubbles don't detach from the ground. But they are still as agile, gooyie and of course covered in grass. Though I do belief I overdid it with the brightness. Maybe I should have used a sunrise or sunset instead. But I guess my lack of sleep deprived me to go hardcore on the colors.

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