25 July 2010

Playing with clips

Having some creative time during lunchbreak is always good.

During lunchbreak I can be bored at times. So if I'm bored and there are some things lying on the table I tend to play with them. This time there were some clips, a rubber band, and a few other things lying on the table. After a bit of experimenting with the possibilities I got to the final design. By putting them togheter I was able to transform them into some sort off airplane.

The rubber band on the table helped me to attach something else to the "airplane". And to finish it off I got two pieces of paper wrapped up like tubes and attached them in such a way that they were the "engine blasts". If it hadn't been for the fact that a red marker was lost, the airplane would have been decorated with some red colors here and there.

Once finished I couldn't help playing with the toy and I started making it move through the air while producing those "mmjiiuuum" and "vrrooooom" sounds. The child in me was awake again. As a finishing touch to it all I made a little sketch of how I saw the contraption in my imagination. It definatly has a sci-fi touch to it.

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