01 August 2010

Pudding in my ears

This time the title has nothing to do with the subject.

I got my driving permit the other day and so I brought myself in the car and drove off for the first time all on my own. Definatly a fun experience to have. So I chose to go to the movies, thinking I'd be able to park somewhere close to the building. But apparently that wasn't going to happen.

When I got on the parking closeby I noticed every place was taken and all the other cars were just driving through it helplessly browsing the parkingspots. Driving off the parking place I started driving on the streets nearby which were just as packed with cars as the parking lot. "What is happening" I thought, "why are there so manny people around here?"

The awnser came with the smoke of weed in the air, lotsa youngsters walking around and the sound of beats coming out of the park on the other side of the lane. After parking on a sorta empty parking lot far away I started going to the cinema. I had to go through the park from which the music originated. Apparently there was a festival in it. I have to say the location was awesome.

Trees in the dark, little food and drink tents all around and then a big stage in a small opening in the park. To bad the movie didn't wait for me or else I would have stayed there for a bit longer. I got to see "inception" which is a cool movie, very nice concept and crazy to with all the dream layers on top of each other.

In another story, the sketch I made was sorta for the kids who were sitting behind me. I noticed by the shifting weight of my seat that they were sorta peaking over my shoulder, to know what I was drawing. So I decided to go for a cute little monster at sea. The double fun was when they had to get off the bus but were lingering as long as possible.

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