28 February 2010


Sure, lets meet up with people I don't know and start sketching with them.

Its funny to see how many things there are about art and stuff that I don't know about. Three days ago I discovered sketchcrawl. An event where you meet up with people and sketch an entire day. So I woke up this saterday, and looked out the window. RAIN, WIND, and probably also cold. It was almost enough to stop me from going to the sketchcrawl. Luckily I can be stuborn at certain times. Thus I hop on the train and go for it. I met up with two other people there. Yeah, not everyone else is as stuborn as I. But two fine specimens of the human race it were.

Luckily the weather was better the rest of the day so we didn't have to much trouble sketching.

Well except for that one gallery. We had put ourselves down on a stair, one of those big one's even a horse or three can walk on at the same time. And after about fifthteen minutes or so one of the security chaps pops up and asks if we can stand up. As he said it: "I don't mind you sketching, but you can't sit here." I thought it was hilarious, being "kicked out" so politely.
But luckily it wasn't all woo and troubles. At one point we even were a bit lucky. On the sketch right above here, you can see a man playing on the piano. That was a street musician. I kid you not, that chap had a whole frigging piano on a bike! Rocking our socks of with elvis like songs and other happy tunes. I thought it was amazing and wicked to see that guy play the piano and sing there right in the middle of the street. Pretty good too. This of course created a small crowd which we drew then. Finaly our "models" stopped moving.

So to anyone who ever is going to sketch on streets or in public places, seek out something that draws peoples attention, and they'll be easiers models.

Not the "He's been standing still for five minutes and right when I decide to draw him he moving away again" sort.

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