21 February 2010

The digital sketches

Who needs paper these days?

In these modern days of technology there is this thing called a computer. With its touchscreens/wacom tablets, and most importantly ctrl+Z. At first I wouldn't be able to think of a reason why not to go completely digital with drawings and stuff. But of course good old fashioned paper still has the benefit of the true handmovement, the texture, gravity and unpredictable irl* fysics.

The benefit of going digital is of course that it is very easy to use colors from the start up. But frankly I think that sketching digital is just usefull to get a quick first impression of colors or composition. But definatly not for getting a correct figure out of it. Of course that is just my personal opinion of today, who knows when or if that might change.

Now to compare I got some stuff lined up here. First the original paper work sketches and second the digital sketches. You be the judge. Though its not hard to see I got better results with the papersketches. Though I did cheat a tiny bit on the first papersketch. I gave it a darker layer so the image would be more recognizable. (my scanner is a true pain sometimes)

So my conclusion of this sundays post is very simple, first sketch down a lot of ideas down on paper. Then scan those sketches, and colorsketch them on the computer to get a general idea for color and/or composition. And as a final step, finish it properly! Ah yes that last step is the hardest. I always postpone it to the next day.

*irl = in real life

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