07 February 2010

Sketches some more

Right now I'm getting this vibe like "I'm never gonna be able to make two updates a week" and "Wouldn't it be to much? constantly updating with only sketches and drawings.

But alas, I have to update, it must be done. I started this with the idea of motivating me to draw more and thus i shall.

During the second part of the week I sketches a bit on the bus and from magazines. So no finished work today. I think I'll keep that for another post.

Ok, this just screams Darkwing duck lookalike. I loved that show. humor action, and just a silly "hero" and even more silly enemies.

And yes that's some sort of cat in a suit shooting a laser from his arm/wrist gunplasma laser gun. Who wouldn't want to have such a thing.

Moving along to the next one, enjoy

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